Sunday, October 19, 2008

1958 or 2008

Seems to be alot of fear about black people still in our country. A lot of ignorance and foolishness. People like to feel comfortable with their racism. They even like to do racist things and say "yeah but I'm not racist, I just do racist shit from time to time, but hey who doesn't?"

Some Repugs have printed up what they think Obamas new foodstamps will look like. They have also come out to say that black people do like these things so it isn't racist. The scary thing is that no matter how intelligent a black man is he still is referred to as a simpleton.

Also be on the lookout for the early "voter fraud" strategy that Faux News is pushing.........They are trying to still say that Acorn is going to be responsible for fraud if Obama wins......Funny there were votes still uncounted in Fla. in 2000 and they had nothing to say about Bush winning, yes Bush, the president we have now.......I know you rarely hear his name anymore even with the wars going on that HE put us in. Even with the Economy which is magically f'd up. Even with the lowest approval rating of any president.........It's o.k, but how bout somebody print up some G.Bush bucks? Oh they did that already and gave em back to the big corporations whose greed is responsible for the damn economic situation we're in now.
fear itself

PS yes, I do watch Fox News, it's always been funnier than Comedy Central and I like to test myself sometimes by betting on how silly and low they'll go.

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