Thursday, October 2, 2008

From the Circle of Winners


Yeah just walked in the gate and wanted to share what I was just pumping in the wheel..............The Homie N.Y.C aka Huey P Capone, got some joints.....You'll be hearing alot from this cat around here as well. One of the Champs in my circle. We went from raising hell in the streets to bogarding in multiple states. Beats by Lex Boogie from the Bronx who has multiple projects coming. Definitely the HipHop I appreciate, that rawness, grittiness and definitely non-industry. Matter fact most of the people I'll be blogging about and sharing with y'all scare the shit out of the industry because of their authenticity and raw talent. It's alright......I've got stories for days I'll share with y'all about some of these supposed industry superstars that most of the masses admire and have gasssed. All true stories. No names will be changed to protect the guilty. Just prepare to have some of the images these cats portray in their music shattered. Anyways I'll save that for later, just feel the vibe.



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