Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Inspiration

Aiiight, I'm back!!!!! Newly refreshed and recharged. I have decided to pick up the pen and let everyone(myself included) on the new direction. When I say that I am many things to many different people, I mean it. I found myself getting a little burned out and crossing my wires. I had wanted to contribute some good things over at Daily and so I decided to direct most of my energy over there to show and prove. It was an honor to be selected.....anyone who knows how far CJ goes with his writing, knows that it is a beast to keep up with him....... I still feel like I stepped up to the plate fully, but putting some stresses on myself may have held back my pen a little bit as I took some time to find voice and direction. I ended up just saying fuck it and staying in my lane and not forcing it. I'm still a collaborator, but I wanted to make sure that I also nurtured The Winner Circles and my other endeavors.

Mentally I operate as an artist. I think of the concept, work on a cover and then I complete and materialize it. This is a gift of mine. The curse is that it is not constant. I have to be inspired. When I am inspired, I feel like I'm one of the best at anything I put my mind to. No QUESTION. I see it, I want it, I get it!!!! I definitely make it happen, when I get off my ass. My new goals are somewhat immense. Peep. I'm still a contributor t some of your favorite blogs, I'm still getting a great amount of respect from those I respect and I'm generally in good health and spirits. Just typing this now is a blessing. No images right now, I'm on 1.

I plan to jump off an all inclusive dot com within the next few months. To those who know me. I mean really know me. You know I have different personas spread throughout these internets.....I have different monikers on every social media platform. A different myspace,facebook,ebay,twitter,tumblr as well as different names on these blogs I contribute to and support. MY SITE will consolidate all of these things. It has come a time to truly concentrate my energies and give you my pure feelings and expressions. My main goal this whole time was to experiment and see if it would be viable. My voice has been recognized, appreciated and respected from many of my peers. I feel as though it is time for me to fully immerse myself and share with everyone equally. WHO AM I? I am simply a black kid who grew up into a man and had some pretty good experiences which helped shape my outlook on this world. I am a man with aspirations to be greater only because I know I can be.

I also hope to totally become independent. I have been working on some entertaining podcasts, some original music, doing interviews with other artists and tying everything together in one little pill. I have just laid out everything in front of you. Now I ask that you tune in and see where it is going to.

Shouts out to a few blogs who provide constant inspiration. These sites have all fueled this one in some way or another, I appreciate all they've done for the kid.