Friday, October 24, 2008


Yeah, so I'm here in NY and as soon as I land I get swooped up by Anton and directly launched into the night scene......I'm lucky I got a chance to put my bags down, but this is NY people so I gotta get my hyperspeed on............Within an hr...I'm popping shots and bobbing to the music,getting right. O.K so I turn around and who is there getting it in as well but the LEGENDARY Crazy Legs of the ROCKSTEADY CREW. Cool cat, chopped it up with him for a sec and continue my mission.........

UGOD from the Wu did a short set, I mean short as his verse on Protect ya Neck, which he did, but theres this one joint about hips......when you hear it you're gonna think your bugging but your really not....He's a wild dude................The act of the night was this Rockabilly black jawn and her band...Group is called the Noisettes and I'm calling it now. They may blow the F up....Shortys energy and voice are incredible........I actually tried to kidnap her, but her handlers had other plans(CURSES!!!!!)

I then got a huge pat on my shoulder from this cat asking me "You from Philly?" because of the classic Phillies fitted I had seated on my crown. I said yeah, and next thing I know I'm being given a bunch of magazines repping the 2.1.5. WORD UP!!!!! If you don't know I collect magazines from all over the world dealing with Culture,especially HIPHOP Culture. I will be hitting TWO ONE FIVE mag up about collabing with the kid!!!
philly mags

Anyways, just getting into the swing of things for CMJ today so I'm set to go in, but first let me get on my NY shit, but you know I gotta throw a twist on it.

Just getting started stay tuned

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