Saturday, October 4, 2008

WILD For the Night!!!!!

Was out wit the boys last night wreaking havoc on the city. I usually play the crib close these days and am not on the scene as much as I used to be(4 nights a week) but I guess that's maturity for you. Still it's always a good time when I head out with the fam. The event was my dude Illastrate getting honored for being a production maven and all round good person. It was good to see him getting the recognition. It was also meant to honor one of the communities fallen soldiers,my good friend DJ Ox(R.I.P). Gone but never forgotten.

The fam and some of the Winners who form the Circle.



Goldi gold said...

word, yall killed that joint. I just left the video of hope on your myspace page. my battery went low to catch the second joint y'all did. But keep putting in that work peoples!!

marcus said...

good looking was an emotional night too, we gotta get back on the scene more