Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Albums that defined us...............Only Built for the REAL!!

purp tape
Haven't felt this way in a long time, but everything about this period in my life was crazy.........We would play spades,get tilted,chase chicks,freestyle,get fly,rumble,strategize and build and this was the soundtrack to our lives.....................

Easily the best and most definitive WU record(in my opinion even tho' I get into Liquid Swords arguments all the time) but this one had it all. I remember listening to Power 99 late one night a few days before this album dropped......and they played the entire thing.....I don't even know if they edited it like that......but I still remeber how amped I was at hearing the rawness coming out of my speakers. I built with Akil the next day and I think he had taped it,but we were just blown away at how much better Ghost had gotten and how precise and intense the songs were. I had to get a pair of Clarks off the strength and I messed alot of peoples heads up when they saw me wit em(I ordered them direct because NO STORES had them in Philly or Jerz at the time). Listening to this album now I get the same feeling as when I first heard it. This album defined how me and my peoples felt we were at the time, just being those exclusive fly dudes around the way. This album has stayed in my cars since 1995. The cars have changed but the Purple Tape remains.......I have actually met both Rae and Ghost on seperate occasions and both are very humble cats with larger than life personas. Matter of fact one of the best shows I've ever been to was a few years ago. It was Slick Rick opening up for Rae,Ghost and Cappadonna. ALL The hits were played from various albums but I really really lost it when I heard "Yo,Yo check out the rap kingpin the black jesus I know a few niggaz sniff coke and caught seizures..........Then I almost dropped a tear when they did "Fish" from Ghost's album.

I also feel as tho' this album had the best RZA peak production,had the dopest skits and even though there were a lot of features(all the Wu minus ol dirty)the album was still Rae and Ghost definitively. Masta Killa did have the best verse of his career too(Glaciers of Ice, moving motionless mysterious swiftness).

Readers and listeners, this is why I could care less about the bile and trashiosity of the stuff I hear today. I'm still trapped in that Cuban Linx era. Still mad about the Source hearing this album and being shook to give it the 5 mics it deserved. Whoever gave it 4 and a half should smack themselves at least once a day.
rae and ghost

Picked up this video over at philaflava.blogspot.com......Just coincidentally check their blog out and peeped this so I had to add it to this post. They got some flava over there as well.

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