Sunday, October 5, 2008

Miss HiPHoP


Alright y'all. Coming from the TRUE School Hiphop era you know this garbagggge makes me sick when I see what the culture has become. Well you also know I'm not a sideline rider,I really lives this shit so instead of just talking on the side and complaining I use every waking moment to promote the real and move the artificial to the side.

Heres a clip of my man Messiah(BX STAND UP) going in warming up in the lab before his session. He's repping Qudrat and Broady Champs(peep the t-shirt) plus being a winner in the circle he's giving truth upliftment and enlightenment with that raw soul.

Sit with this one for a second..................Used to Love H.E.R and we still do.

Miss HipHop- Messiah

and we miss HipHop