Friday, October 3, 2008

The Politics in this country scare me

Yes Isaw the VP debate between Palin and Biden last night and it was just as I expected. She made complete sentences,even though most of her information was factually inaccurate,and shemade "oh gosh golly gee" middle america slice of apple pie good ole "Joe six pack statements. She connected with the ignorance of the American people that frightens intelligent folks not just in this country but all over the globe. Palin, who may be a good person is way out of her depth as anyone unbiased with sense can clearly see. I am an independent so if Obama had chosen her I'd be going in the same way.

Anyays she just barely edged out McCains second choice, just by a thread.

MCCAINS second choice:
MCains new VP pick

Also saw a pretty good scale to judge the candidates by, it's actually pretty accurate. They gave MCain a higher grade than I would have given him though.

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