Sunday, October 25, 2009

the new hustle

The economy has everything depreciating except the value of gold and asscheeks.........

Saturday, October 17, 2009

In the DC area >>>>over wale

I'm feeling the gutternesss over the tight jeaninessss

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Aiight, whattup to my g's who follow the kid!!!!! Nothing moving but the $. Been on my heavy excercise regiment, no dranking, no smoking, just stacking.....Clearing my head of all the bullshit....Enjoying listening and reading more than spitting and speaking. I've been working on art and just gaining knowledge, same time reflecting on past losses and triumphs. I don't know what it is but shit is seeming really blase to me at the current moment. Shit just doesn't move or excite me like that. NOTHING. I'm not depressed, I'm in a good place actually, but I feel like I need a major trip. Nothing fuels me like travel and with the new gig I've undertaken I haven't really been able to jetset like I had been the last few years....I've gone to New Orleans and Florida alot, but I needs to go home, sink into that east coast vibe and fully recharge my battery. Every time I go back to the crib (Philly,NJ,NY) I soak it up fully and bottle it and take it with me and become damn near unstoppble....Not to say I can be stopped already, but we move a lil differently, vibrate at a different speed, plus I get to build wit my crimey's I ran the streets with as a youth. Sometimes u need that perspective as well. I know for a fact, I can't do uptop for longer than a week or two tho' because u start falling into routine and that is never a good thing. I remember the routine for uptop and being settled and comfortable with shit, even tho' there is always something to do and the energy is crazy...once you adapt to it, it becomes boring. Trust me I know. Now I'm a minamalist, happy to just chill in the castle with the queen and get out every once in a while, still remaining low key. Trust, I feel that alot more than my previous life of running the streets crazy and sharpening my game by talking to multiple chicks and still going out to bag more.

Now I feel like a Jedi. One who has soaked up some wildlife and is rich with experiences on a global level. I give thanks to have lived a lifetime before the age of 20. In my 20's I did exactly what I was supposed to do as well. Take chances, go out on my own and make mistakes. Take advantage of opportunities and fully sharpen my blade. I was cool with hustlers who were in their 30's when I was 17 and 18 yrs old. I was wit a chick who was 37 when I was 18. I was in desolate hoods seeing shots pop peoples tops off and at the same time was connected in the burbs as well, being in million dollar homes.Seeing shit like red rock opium and being in the hoods where the labels on the baggies was the rep. "Yo got them Batman baggies over here", "Yo this that, choclate,skunk, afghani,hydro,Kill,Lah,etc. etc. These types of experiences allowed me to relate to folks on many different levels and being on the entertainment industry grind helped me to see through people very quickly. Even to this day, I meet the people who I admire in different professions and they always pull me to the side to build and drop jewels. I always feel good about the fact that people give me the time of day moreso than some pedestrian hi and bye shit. It shows that the energy I've harnessed still glows. Yeah, sometimes I test myself to see if I still got it. Really I don't care. It takes alot to be a dude who can bag a chick, get her wrapped up, then delete the number or throw it away quicker than it took to get it. You gotta test your discipline and set higher standards for yourself to truly be considered a champion. To the insecure, your humbleness may come across as arrogance....fuck em tho'.

My circle gets smaller and smaller as I grow, just like how the earth looks smaller and smaller the more you blow and elevate. I'm talking about space folks.....The planet is small, the galaxy is big. I ain't got time to sweat the terrestrial small shit. I may do my lil twitter rant and move on, but trust, I don't take none of this shit serious. Humor to me is when I see straight thru folks who do take themselves too serous and scream out for attention. The music industry is full of folks who just now are starting to develop an "ego". You can tell just by how they act and carry themselves now that they have a little bit of light on them, that they were totally unaccustomed to anyone ever paying attention to them. Some people may not be able to see through it but I can and have always been able to. It's humor. Same time tho' I take it as the fact that you are supposed to laugh alot during your day and these jokers and jesters provide the fuel for that comedy.

Nothing I love more than just sharpening the tip of my bullets, loading up and taking aim with the confidence that I'm gonna hit my mark. 1 shot 1 kill!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Yeah some grilchy east coast shit. Perb been down with the Wu since the 90's, you heard him all over Supreme Clientele and Bulletproof wallets......he supposedly cowrote and helped Ghost steeze his shit out more....that whiny crying style is what he specialized in.....As some of the best mcs wit the most potential always do, he went and did a prison bid. Now home and back on the streets he has just released a mixtape called "Supreb Clientele" which isn't half bad. I support the raw no matter what so heres a quick taste...Love it or hate it, Perb is Perb...Far Rockaway stand up!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Not too many cats inspire me these days...I mean literally as far as mc's less than a handful........Sean Price is a special case. Dude has that energy in the rhymes, not just pure lyrical or just raw steeze, but that good mix of both that you need as a well rounded mc. This is an Mc's Mc.....I feel blessed to say that I've rhymed along side him before on a track......Son is a Monster and to be respected. I salute, because between his upcoming project and the Cuban Linx 2 that Rae just dropped, it aint really too much hardbody HipHop that give you that grilchy feeling. I know in my case, as a kid who holds the pen like a fucking gattling, it takes a lot to move me. You can't just say you rhyme, because nowadays who doesn't...but it's a big difference between sounding like a fan and sounding like an mc.

Also peep the latest interview he did that I jacked from
What a difference a decade makes. Back in 1996, Sean Price (then known as Ruck) was merely one-half of Boot Camp Clik’s dynamic duo Heltah Skeltah. He and partner Rock, made their mark on the game with gritty bars, hardcore beats and an unmatched chemistry. The duo was a (magnum) force together, but Sean P eventually became a movement by himself when Rock went on to a pursue a solo career outside of their label home Duck Down Records.

Sometimes overshadowed by Rock’s heavy baritone, Sean was now able to have his voice heard loud and clear. The Brooklyn MC quickly earned critical acclaim for his string of successful solo albums (2005’s Monkey Barz and 2007’s Jesus Price Supastar) and mixtapes (2004’s Donkey Sean, Jr. and 2007’s Master P). Thanks to his consistency and continued growth as a lyricist, Sean positioned himself as the anchor artist on the Duck Down roster.

Despite his accolades and a trio of releases on the horizon—including his Kimbo Price mixtape and Mic Tyson LP, as well as a group project with Detroit’s Guilty Simpson and Black Milk—Sean is not happy. The lyrical pugilist talks to about rap retirement, how come there’ll never be a Fab 5 reunion and why a Costco job application might be in his future. You’re known for real unique titles for your projects. Where do the ideas come from?

Sean Price: Just how I be feelin’ at the moment, man. I’ma ape, man—not on no monkey, Black racist shit—but I’m out there in the streets hard body. I’m more than a rapper, man. I’m out there in trenches, I’ma gorilla, so that was the whole thing behind the Donkey Sean Jr. mixtape and the Monkey Barz album. For the second go round I just felt like people thought it was a fluke so I hit them with Jesus Price Supastar because I’m the god of this hardcore shit. Then I dropped the Master P mixtape ’cause I’m the master. Now I feel like the fuckin’ game is bunoodles and I don’t really want nothin’ to do with this shit no more, but before I go out I’m going out with a bang, hence the name Kimbo Price.

XXL: What should fan expect from the Kimbo Price mixtape?

Sean Price: I can’t even describe it, man. I’m just rhymin’ and havin’ fun, B. I really have fun in this hip-hop shit, so you know… Actually, I don’t have fun in this hip-hop shit at all besides me going in the studio and putting these words together. So I had fun makin’ it, but after that the fun is over.

XXL: What do you mean by that? You getting ready to retire on us?

Sean Price: No, I’m not retiring—don’t get it twisted like I’m retiring or quitting—it’s just that, me and [Duck Down CEO] Dru Ha have talks and I’ll be like, “What can I do with this, that, and that?” Everything he told me I need to do to improve the Sean Price brand I don’t wanna do, so guess what? That means it’s time to leave.

XXL: What exactly was he telling you to do that you weren’t feeling?

Sean Price: I don’t even want to get into detail and expose my homie like that ’cause besides being my manager and my boss, Dru Ha’s my friend. He didn’t say nothin’ wrong to me I just don’t wanna do [industry] shit. If someone hire me to give them a verse, I’m with it and I’ma still do music but I just don’t wanna play the game. All I wanna do is rap, do a show, come home, smoke my weed, play with my kids, and fuck with my wiz—that’s it, man. I don’t wanna front like I’m somebody’s friend and I don’t wanna hang out at your fuckin’ party. I’ve been in the game too long for that.

XXL: What’s the status of the Mic Tyson album and the Random Axe project with Guilty Simpson and Black Milk?

Sean Price: The Random Axe project got delayed because Black made his little boo-boo and erased all my vocals. I’m not trying to throw him under the bus ’cause I didn’t even discuss it until he said it in another interview first, but he erased my vocals. I had my lyrics on my Sidekick and then I upgraded to the G1 so I’m actually rewriting all my verses. While I was reworking on Random Axe, Alchemist and Evidence started sending me some [beats] and I started working on Mic Tyson. It’s about 14 songs on that album, ’cause a fight is 12 rounds, plus the intro and outro so that’s what it’s gonna be.

XXL: How’d you even link up with Guilty and Black in the first place?

Sean Price: I was on tour and some dude called my man Dan Green and asked me did I want to do a song with Guilty Simpson. Me being the rap whore that I am I was like, Sure. Then, I hung up and was like, “Who the fuck is Guilty Simpson?” [Laughs]. My man had a whole bunch a Guilty Simpson shit so I listened to it on the ride to the show and was like, “Damn, this nigga’s nice.” Then we met up and it just went from that. We real good friends now.

XXL: After a 10-year hiatus, you and Rock reunited last year for a Heltah Skeltah album. Will we hear more from y’all in the future?

Sean Price: I don’t know. If Rock wanna do it, I’ll do it. I’ll be in the studio, I’ll rap, I’ll do my part, and then whatever happen happen.

XXL: Does the same apply for a Fab 5 reunion with you, Rock and O.G.C.?

Sean Price: You can forget about that Fab 5 shit, that ain’t happenin’, bruh.

XXL: Word? Why not?

Sean Price: ’Cause it ain’t, just straight like that. I ain’t mad at none of them—Top Dog my nigga, Louieville my nigga, Starang my brotha from another mother, but that ain’t happenin’. I can’t even get into why, but trust me, it’s not like I’m just sayin’ no and shuttin’ it down ’cause them dudes don’t wanna do it neither. We was never a group anyway. We was on Priority Records and Dru wanted to announce the new acts on the label so we did an A and B single together and it took a life of its own.

XXL: Since you’re growing tired of the politics of the rap game what’s on the horizon for you after these releases?

Sean Price: Next year you might find me workin’ in Costco or some shit. I’m dead ass serious, ’cause I don’t got money like that to retire and fall back on a yacht. People might say, “Yo, man, you supposed to be here and blah blah.” Yeah, I’m supposed to be but guess where I’m at? Costco. Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not starvin’ and I’m good, but I don’t give a fuck about pride. My kids can’t eat pride so as long as I take care of my family I don’t give a fuck. —Anslem Samuel

Saturday, October 3, 2009


early leak....peep while u can....looks like its gonna be dope

Friday, October 2, 2009

Freeeekey Zeke

easily 1 of the most unintentionally funny cats in HipHop....the days of Dipset are long past, but the comedic value of Cam,Jim Jones,Zeke and Juelz remains.........First we had Biz Markie, then N.O.R.E, then Dipset...The Kings of HipHop Comedy

Friday Workout

I been feeling clear.....on my workout regiment and eliminating suckaz from my cypher.....I also been grinding extra hard, getting up early and starting my days on that power trip. I'm keeping it extra grilchy these days and have no time to be bothered by the nonsense. I don't even wanna shake hands, give out pounds, bearhugs or none of that shit except for meeting with a select few. I have hundreds of associates, less than a hand full of friends and then I have family. Only winners in my circumference. Isn't it funny how that circle gets smaller and smaller as you get older? I grew up being a pretty popular dude. Known for being mischievous, but good hearted. Wicked, yet kind. I was blessed to have been someone fellas wanted to be cool with and girls wanted to kick it with. I've had some of my dreams come true, I've also gone thru my share of struggles. What keeps me motivated, being the somewhat bi-polar artist I am is the fact that I always leave myself open for that next thing. Like I said, I've been blessed to experience alot at a young age. Alotta shit that most reg average people may not ever have the pleasure of experienceing, let alone know enough to even care about the experience in the first place. With me, I have to set the bar higher for myself constantly. It's what made me a good hustler. I constantly would have had enough(in someone elses standards) but I always wanted more. These days I am seeing on the web how things are overrated in my book. I'm thinking it's because people are settling for something and want other folks to settle as well or the fact that people have not experienced other things to know the difference between Filet Mignon and plain flank steak(I'm a NY Strip dude myself), but I feel a little bit jaded by it. I'm feeling like I may come off as a little arrogant at times, a little conceited other times, shit I may be at times.....I'm also a humble cat tho'. Dunno what it is, but I think it stems from being used to Better, because I've always PUSHED for better.

Thursday, October 1, 2009



spotted at cracked....lolz

REAL HIPHOP in the Flesh yo!

Thanx to and Digiwaxx

A Treat