Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Freeze vs Rhymefest

Rhymefest best known for helping Kanye write his raps and Freeze an artist my homie C Rayz Walz put me on to duke it out on some mc shit....enjoy

Griff speaking the truth again

Real ASS VS Fake Asss

Good judge here....Roxy Reynolds

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Bottom line is she's dope..........with the volume on mute.


Wassssup!!!! introducing the SCALPEL....that's my new concept. I'm cutting thru the bullshit. Been on a hell of a creative spurt of late, but with great creativity and energy comes alot of stress and exhaustion. I've been chilling but my mental energy has been drained. It's dealing with a lot of artists on different schedules. It's all good, my vision came out how I wanted and I'm thankful. I actually been laying off the web as a whole as well, limiting my internets time to reflect on stillness of mind. I was scouring the web checking out 100 sites a day, even that shit can strain your mental, reading a book a day type shit. Anyways, just checking in, feeling good cuz I got a call from my fams from Phila who been bidding and is free, and spitting!!!!! It was a strong convo....He actaully told me I been a thoro dude since back day and in this day and age, to get respect from a homie I aint spoken too in 10 yrs is real as fuck. So many fly by night folks and fake outnumber the it's def a good look.

Heres some cake

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where u been at

I'm here, just been wrapping this project and shillling. Been doing more and more drops at THEGRITTYCOMMITTEE . more up to date shit. Haven't really had the time, due to some temporal displacement because my molecules are moving more rapidly at the moment.....fell back off twittering and pretty much everything else online....I'm around but not hardbody. A few things in the works, but I'm feeling a lil burned out. I'm on sabbatical soon s tis tape is done. Back to traveling and expanding. Since I've beenlocked in at the gig and with the art my movements haven't been as O.T as the past few years. That will be changing in December. I'm back on that gristle. First Philly,then NJ, then NY then Outside US then the West.........That's the plan and I plan on sticking to it. Been working out staying chisel. The bornday is less than a month away and I feel a year younger. Been reading the Rza book, writing for delf, excercising and vibing on all the yesterdays new quintet eps.................Heres a curveball tho'.......take it away and give it up for Mr. Gary Wilson.- If you want a tone to describe my vibe........this is it.