Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jogging the brain......

Newness.....inspiring the kid.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Keep it Golden

1 of my brothers had a dope interview done in this mag. Goldi been keeping his art razor sharp, going IN!!!! Love this cat for realz.....1 genuine gem in a whole truckload of rock concrete chips.....This kid keeps it real to the utmost and respects the arts as a whole culture....You can't just focus on the pen work, you also have to focus on the inspiration behind it. This is also one of my g's who has one of them ill magazine stashes that artists keep at the crib......peep more in depth from my comrade in arms...Goldi Gold!Photobucket




Kenes just sent some mail......sketching stretching the barriers.......It actually works perfect for right now.

Vibrations.......Mind Wavelengths......yeah continued progress...............Now currently on the deck chilling fighting mosquitos taking it all in. Been a minute since I really went in with y'all. So yeah this one we call: the breather.

I've been beasting out with my homey Richie and building this Deck

and basically having some other company staying at the crib for the last 2 weeks.....Everybody made their trips and visits except my brother, but summer ain't over yet. As far as where I've's been hectic. I been trying to keep my tweets current tho, but as far as everything else I been just trying to get my head together. Buying a home is an undertaking, but buying 1 that you have to renovate is definitely extra......It's been 2 years since I've been here and it's like now is the first time I can say "yeah I'm feeling real comfy". Other than that, been working extra hard grinding, getting up everyday with the mindstate to getit. Not just show up, but excel past expectations. I'm a world away from last summer, so that can only be seen as a blessing and a half. I still have to see some projects to fruition but I'm further along on the path.

I actually got into an accident a week ago, but through all of the work I honestly didn't feel it. No real damage either, just some rear and front bumper damage. As well as some alignment and muffler stuff, but I'm also happy to say I just picked it up and after a week of rental(on their dime) I'm comfy. They basically handed me what looks like a new car as well. It felt so good to get the warranty when they handed it to me.

I'm still tired but I'm even. Feels great to be in this space....I got that Dionne Warwick Deja Vu on just so you can feel the wave I'm currently on:

Just wanna give thanks for where I am, the accomplishment feels butterworth.....When you climb a mountain it always feels great to stand on the top of that shit and just breathe the air. Take in the view and just Maintain. I'm on one of my jaunts, just ready for a weekend of rest and hopefully no drama........I gotta fade back..................

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's been a while.......

Man.....been in the trenches like a muuuug. Built a deck last week. Had some company staying over and just been going super hard. I got pics coming. It's been an eventful week. Got in a accident too. Been finishing up a tape....just hectic...I got some powerful drops coming this week tho'. More perseverence and foresight. I'm noticing my already thick skin is even thicker.......check in and as always I'm on teh tweeeets.... holla

Saturday, July 11, 2009

INSPIRATIONAL: Jay Electronica

This cat Jay Electronica is easily the best artist I've heard in a few years........His energy and style reminds me of my homie Z from back in the day.....Deep with the sciences and substance. Literally this cat is the only person I've heard in a while who inspires me to write. This is the type of wave HipHop needs. He gets it in on teh twitters too, got P Diddy keeping an eye on him, but it reminds me of Dracula keeping an eye on Blade........ I say this becausethe energy and density of the lyrics is the antithesis of what the gatekeepers is letting slide thru now. This is literally the cat who can change the "game" back into HipHop. That's why I can see a major signing him just to shelf his works and throw away the key like "yeah, what you trying to kick knowledge?" "nah not while we got OJ the Juicy fruit and Coogi Mane, here take this advance and give us your publishing and your masters"

I gotta keep it unadulterated bone core essence. I like to speak freely, just cuz this is my blog/journal and I ain't looking for "hits", favors or affiliation with a label, like most other HipHop blogs, I can always keep it 100% wit y'all. Jay Electronica is someone worth your investigation.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back at IT


When your soul is at peace, you just feel good. Been back on my positive shit just realizing that most of what I been doing has beenelevating from where I was a year ago. Had some major paradigm shfits this past year. Definite growth, upgraded career, got the house renovations coming along, just sold one of my cars, got the family in town and have just been sharpening skills.......

It all starts with one thing. Thinking positive. That's it. No matter what your religious preference. It starts with a thought. The mind is powerful. Putting forth that energy leads to positive things happening. TRUST!!!

When these people come at me as enemies, this is what I see thru my eyes

It's hard to stay in a fucked up mindstate or attitude when you think like that!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My tribute

Been real busy of late...Told y'all I don't play with Summertime. Catch me when you catch me. I'm not mourning MJ really, but this jawn right here is 1 of my top 3 Mike joints. I reflect every time I hear it and found it fitting for how we all feel. At the same time it's sad to see him go, it's beautiful to see that this 1 man was a cultural force which shifted the world. This is being placed on my blog just to document and so I can reflect and say goodbye every time I see this classic vintage vid.