Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Get that Chedda

Anybody on the web with any kind of mission has seen this character pop up and try to gaffle you for a few dollars. I'm not hating he's probably just following the 3% rule. No matter what your selling or hustling, there will always be 3% of the people who will fill your pockets. You send out some bullish spam to a million folks and you're guaranteed at least 3% of that. It's how the Nigerians stay coming up.
That's the main image but you never know who's behind it


Word to Illastrate

Hard Heads- the extra grilchy edition

Sometimes I just listen to M.O.P and just got outside and wrangle somebody up.......This joint right here!!!!!! Had to be included on the blog. Anytime y'all need energy just boost up with this one from Alphamega.




Monday, December 22, 2008

We Roll Out


Wednesday morning I'm out!!!!!!! Been giving my holiday love to my peeps. They all like "where you going". As soon as I say Indonesia, it's hard for them to grasp. Not like that, but just the fact that it's not a usual place that someone would say that they're headed to. I know that. It's the time of year that we usually dip out. Instead of spending money on some Christmas gifts we take trips. Mostly passport necessary trips. In the last few years I've been to a few islands and Asia. Next year we're doing another couple islands and hopefully Africa. There is nothing more important to me than Freedom. The freedom to leave the American mindstate for a couple weeks and come back with renewed energy and ideas. I always tell my homies that I do my best thinking on the beach or in the air. I have an ipod touch 16g filled to the brim with a WIDE variety of music. I have some books and magazines and a pen and a mini notebook. I have my camera and I have 1 bag to hold everything and my gear. My Timberland hiking boots that only come out for my yearly trips. I'm feeling more and more open as I type. Dunno about how many updates you'll get from me between now and New Years, but I wanna make sure everybody is straight. Enjoy your Holiday and take time to reflect on what you have and the fact that things could always be worse. Have a triumphant New Year and reflect on your plans for 2009. We Lost some good soldiers in 2008, we'll bring them with us in essence as we move forward.

Everyone Stay Up.....Much Love

Let's Get It


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Green piece of paper

More insights from Pete Schiff. I'm seriously considering grabbing a copy of his new book CRASH PROOF-How to profit from the upcoming economic collapse

MORE FOOD From Schiff

One of my favorite songs

And I don't know the artist. I was digging thru my tape collection because I've been looking for old gems. Anyone who knows me knows I keep my collection game on point. From records to magazines to comic books to cd's to sneakers to old clothes to colognes etc. Anyway my tape collection spans a few duffle bags full. I used to tape HipHop radio for years. At least since 1989. Anyways I found this tape from 1997 with a lot of Canibus(A MONSTER AT THE TIME)some Pun,some Gravedigga's(that second album had joints and was slept on heavy)some CNN,some Prodigy joints dissing Keith Murray,some of Big Noyd's first Ep which was aiight too.But there was this one joint that I Loved. Definition of HipHop in a song if I ever heard one. Ill minamalist beat and 2 mc's just spazzing,going in elevating themselves with every bar. This is the HipHop I remember hearing on the streets of the east coast growing up. It was about wordplay 100%. No flashy shit,just basically how ill you could put words together.

So I found the joints and I just had to transfer it from the tape to digi audio so pardon the shitty quality, but if anyone heard this joint and knows who it is. GET AT me immediately.


Friday, December 19, 2008


Another of my favorite producers. Moreso for his humbleness and intellect than his music although his beats bang out. I had a chance to build wit this cat last summer. Very down to earth cat. Drops alotta gems. Here's him preaching some real gospel.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Analog Autotune

This was crazy.........saw it earlier today. The ill part is that I think he can compete wit those cats who are out doing it now.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recession Proofing

Take a second to plot and meditate how you gon play your hand......As far as I'm concerned it's all gravy. I maintain. Shout out to my dude Chaka. It been a minute but it was good to build. Life changes and all that but the circle remains tight.

Stay Up Y'all. LOVE IS LOVE All my real g's know how we get down. Take a second, pour out your liquor or put "one" up and be thankful Audi 5000 G.

Shock your Shakras

Pete Schiff with his crystal ball getting laughed at. I saw this yesterday and had to spread it......deeeeep.COLD FLAMING ETHER to FOX News and other networks.I imagine someone doing this type of thing to Limbaugh in a few years, debunking all of his predictions.

Must Watch................

Goes to show that 98% of these talking heads on TV don't have a clue what they're talking about.

Sink your teeth in


ShaolinxTony Touch


Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle Flavor

Can't front on that 1st Guns and Roses LP. They had some classics. So that tells you the inspiration for this splash..........If it was before your time. Go get that joint and while out. I played football on the concrete and on the turf. This album was the essence of the game. Hi's,lows and mega intensity.

ill collabo limited edition t-shirt between dissizitxcrooks and castles. I have this jawn in white. It's an intense shirt.........I mess with both of those brands


GNR Appetite for Destruction Nike SB's. I'll buy that for a dolla...


and if you wanna kill the brand names g'head....be my guest.


A politician I can listen to

J Ventura...........always a good listen. PEEP Game.

Jesse Vs The CIA

then heres some more............Peep the first video first before this one.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gratuitous Choclate

Some Graph artists have come together to do some chocolate bar wrappers..Very ill and right up my alley.These joints will run you $35.00

Milani Rose



ONE of my favorite producers


This cat Madlib keeps me inspired to death. He's an organic artist in the truest sense of the word. He does what he feels. There is never any big label expectations from a label breathing down his neck. He don't have to follow the typical industry conventions of A. sucking dilznick to get a hit or B. following,biting or copying trends. This cat has dozens of albums from the brilliant Yesterdays New Quintet Jazz series to collaborative classics with MF Doom(Mad Villain) and the God J Dilla(Jay Lib) R.I.P. He also don't care if you know he's behind the project or not because he may title it something crazy and assume a name just for that project. Either way, I had give him his props with this post just for the continued inspiration I get from all the projects.

Peep the new dedications he just did to Dilla as well disguised as the Beat Konducta.


Jay's Day


here's a big gem right here........His MotownxMadlib podcast( I listen to this shit while I'm grilling it up in the summertime)

and here's a dude named Bullion who you can tell where his inspiration also comes from. And if you can't obviously it's Madlib and Dilla.

Living on $1 a day


Sometimes I kid around with my people about when they think that the GOV will start charging you for air like they charge you for water. It's getting ridiculous out there anyway with some of these bills. I own a home and trust me they HIT YOU UP!!!!!!!
Anyways here's an experiment a couple 'TI's tried by living on $1 for a month..........matter fact heres a link to their blog. Peep how they did it. The most striking thing they said they couldn't afford were "Healthy Foods" like fruits and veggies hahahahahahah you telling us. Anyone who lives in or came from the hood can tell you that. The natural foods grown from the earth are more expensive than the foods they actually manufacture synthetically and service to the corner store. CRAZY!!!. So how many breaths will you be allowed to breath per day when they start the "Air Tax"?


Saturday, December 13, 2008



Yeah I know it's cold season. Y'all sniffling and blowing your noses as you read this.


pretty good article to avoid illllllllnessss.

seen thru different eyes


Louis V sneakers somewhere in the range of $620...That's the value to some to rock these overpriced bite off of a high top Vans sneaker. Thru my eyes they ain't worth more than $19.99. Matter fact I think there are some hot Buster Browns or a pair of Kangerooos you kids would go crazy over too. All I gotta do is sew a Louis Vuitton logo on them jawns and it's good money.


What do they know that I don't know?

No hating, no other shit. Just a simple question. 2 different crushes and arguably two of the most beautiful women on the planet, black or otherwise. I'm just trying to get up to speed. What tips or game are they trying to sell without telling? Is it that middle button buttoned look? With the shirt unbuttoned just so. Is that really what's popping to hit off the top tier dimepieces.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yo what is dis FUCKERY??????

Dipset had some entertaining mixtapes and good clown value.It was cool. but thissssa here..................


more on the revearsal of sense later....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Agree 100% with this cat

And anyone who knows me knows I ain't the biggest Butttons fan. I respect dudes work ethic and have come somewhat moderately to his side tho'. I'm down wit him Ortiz,Royce and Crooked trying to bring HipHop back to lyrics.........I ain't drank the Kool Ade on following these tight jeans singer dudes. Only tight jeans emo singers I'm feeling is Santogold and M.I.A, but they jeans is baggier then some of these dudes running around looking like Rainbow Bright.

I know some cats who read my blog like what's going on in music these days and that's beautiful cuz we aint supposed to be clones liking the same shit. I'm a dinosaur wit mines tho', gimme BootCamp,WuTang,Gangstarr,Death Row(vintage;Kurrupt was a beast),Nas and Brand Nubian over anything people have tried to tell me was dope fr the past few years.........YES I'm still Timz and Hoodchecked, even tho my sneaker game is Fascist.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How I'm feeling..


Fully charged like the rari bike

Been getting up early as hell lately and just getting focused.....I know I'm getting older and leaving the streets alone more and more. I can't hate on these kids these days, but we used to get it IN.....Blowing a shotgun thru some Double D cleavage anyone? Getting in free and sipping and burning all night long for free for years. It takes it's toll folks. Meeting a fine ass chick here and then going uptown to another party or going downtown to hangout further or making it to the apartment or dorm.I've got long stories. I've lived about 5 Lifetimes. Dated some spectacular women of all races. Been all over the world. Been all over some grimy,grimy ass hoods too. I feel good about where I am and where I've been. One of the homies who isn't too keen on the whole blog and innnanet shit asked me after reviewing alot of peoples blogs,"it seems like some of these kids is more interested in living life and feeling a sense of importance thru their blogs, than really living life to live it". I agreed to a point because I feel that sometimes. I see some cats going way, way in seeking a sense of self worth more than just sharing themselves. I told him everybodies not like that though. There are some blogs that are truly entertaining and enlightening. Mine is medicinal for my own purposes. I am just happy though to be waking up fully charged and blessed to be able to look back at all the mayhem and havoc we've been thru and at the close beloved circle of friends I've got and say, hey I got it pretty good.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

sometimes you go back


As you could see now I'm on twitter..................I know I know I said I wasn't feeling it like that, but so many folks I deal with are on it so I figured I'd give it another shot. That, Like this blog has become for me, is medicinal. Also, just like how I feel about my blog, is something I do just to do. I don't care about how many folks follow me, I'm cool with just 1 person. I like it more so to see whats going on around me. Google NEWS is my shit. Period. It also gives me a chance to let y'all in on my culinary skilled choicemanship. Anyways I was thinking about some other things I wasn't feeling at first but have become some o my favorite things.

Wutang Enter the 36- I was feeling the singles, Methodman and Protect ya Neck. After they gave me shit like Tearz and bring the ruckus, I wasn't feeling the effort. That on top of the fact that Redman had something out, didn't give the album the run it needed. I picked it up a few weeks later and it grew on me and became one of my favorite joints.

De La Soul- Stakes is High- Again, Loved the singles. I got this album and Nas It Was Written the same day. De La lost at first because It Was written was so highly anticipated,but once I finally got fully into the album it became my favorite DeLa Album. They, like Ghost and Rae,Jeru the Damaga,Nas and Tupac, had Anti-Biggie,BadBoy,Puffy lyrics throughout the album.

OC Jewelz- Think I got this and BigPun album the same day. Needless to say Pun won that one. OC album did not grab me at all when I first listened to it. I was angry because the first one was my shit. I liked the singles, but he wasnt going there lyrically enough. The thing I had wanted multi's in the verses. I wanted him to rhyme the whole verse with the same word. I wanted somebody spitting, so I was listening to Capital Punishment crazy....I think it took me a year to resurrect Jewelz and it was on a roadtrip with some chick that I really started to appreciate the album as a whole. This was definitely a complete project. Now one of my favorite albums to listen to. I had to re-realize that O.C has his own style.

Sunday Mornin' Chuuch

Got up early

walked the dogs and fed em'

flip on CSPAN

morning L

couple sets(push ups sit ups jump rope)

tea wit wifey

fresh squeezed (3 oranges) and a breakfast burrito(veggie crumbles, Buddy Lee you gotta let me know how you used to season that shit).

building wit my g's on the horn(the weekly science,mathematics and history y'knmamean)

sitting watching the news on 4 different channels,listening to itunes,searching the web and blogging right thi.........talking to wifey and she wants to have a conversaton and figuring out the day and the evening..............s second.


Pacquiao turns 'dream fight' into nightmare for De La Hoya

LAS VEGAS -- The end for Oscar De La Hoya on this night came as he sat in the corner after the eighth round, his left eye swollen shut and his face bruised by punches Manny Pacquiao seemed able to land almost at will.

The decision to call it a night was easy. The decision to call it a career may be a lot tougher.

"My heart still wants to fight, that's for sure," De La Hoya said. "But when your physical doesn't respond, what can you do? I have to be smart and make sure I think about my future plans."

Pacquiao gave De La Hoya a lot to think about by beating and battering him around the ring for eight rounds Saturday night before De La Hoya declined to answer the bell for the ninth round. The domination was shocking enough, but the fact that it came at the hands of a fighter who just nine months earlier had been fighting at 129 pounds had to be even more troubling for De La Hoya and his legions of fans.

-That seventh round was PUNISHMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a cat who used to box on the streets of Philly,I felt bad about seeing him go out like that ughhhhhh!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


from the tail end of the WU era..............................................met this cat in Atlanta once. This kid was a problem................This jawn right here is the answer to when people say, "yo you listen to such and such or you feel such and such" and I say NO!!!!!!

HipHop is supposed to give you a feeling. It's like being with a chick and you don't pop off. At the end are you just happy to be going thru the motions or are you aggy that you didn't get to get that feeling and FINISH?

HipHop these days has a severe case of blueballs.

Now enjoy disssss

Killa Sin -Bronzeman

somethin you could catch in my crib



Lo Down and Dirty

ThistinHowlthe3rd.com check it out!!!

The homie Thirstin Howl is about to do a collabo album wit one of my favorite artists, Sadat X.........I feel both these cats. I've built with Thirstin a few times and dude is definitely a real cat. I always related to the lolife movement and era. They got it IN and really pushed rocking Lo Down thru the hood(sorry Kanye this is when you was still rocking GAP).......My people's had our own thing. Boosting electronics and Nintendo stuff more than clothes......it was 89' cmon we was kids, either way it was all part of the struggle. One day I'll tell y'all about my flawless Mall record(it's beyond the statute of limitations I'm sure) of going in with less than three George Washingtons in my pockets and coming out looking like I knew Benjamin Franklin personally.....All I'm gonna say is them big yellow bags used to be overflowing, we were O.Gs before the Nickolson/Keaton Batman movie came out. The good ole days before doors had sensors on em and stuff had tags......................Sam Goody was one of my spots too hahahahahahahahahaha y'all should have seen my tape collection.....We was them Philly/Jerz Broady kids.

R.I.P P-80

PARTY ARTY from the BX and extended member of one of my favorite groups.........................passed away today and it's got me knotted up because I definitely enjoyed sons flavor and the whole Get Dirty movement. I just heard his voice the other day. Dude was talented wit that ruggedness, the whole HipHop has me sick just by how we're losing these shining stars who have never met their full potential. I hear shit like this and it gets me..........................Life is short folks, Live that shit to the fullest...........
AG ft. Party Arty and D Flow -Mudslide

Get Dirty GD classic

Alotta Love -Party Arty produced by Showbiz


words from dj premier

I want to send out my condolences to the family of Party Arty of the world famous D.I.T.C. (Diggin' In The Crates Crew and of GG (aka Get Dirty)

He passed away this afternoon (Dec. 4) around 1:30pm due to healt complications...

His hardcore lyrics have been ringing out in the streets from Showbiz & AG, Lord Finesse, OC, and their own group GD which consists of rhyme partner D-Flow...

He also appeared on the joint I produced called "Weed Scented" which featured Guru of Gang Starr and OC on AG's first solo LP...He appears on the new D.I.T.C. Records compilation which is in stores now called "The Movement"

...He caught the attention of 50 Cent altough the deal never went thru but his talent was recognized by true heads of the rap shit for his hyped up insane style on records and on stage preformance...

This also marks the 1 year anniversary of UGH member Pimp C who passed away this same day last year...We love you and will miss you both... R.I.P. Arty... DJ Premier

DAMN, Can't wait to hear A.Gs response......he get's deep on his introspective tracks.

REST IN PEACE ARTY!!!!! I'm gonna get it in this weekend and keep your memory up!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Collectors Edition

Every now and again I come across some ill flavors I feel like I missed, but would have copped if my eyes were open at the time. I take that into account now as I look and see something that catches my eye. I automatically start thinking 2-3 years ahead and about the feeling of pulling something nausceous (yes nausceous) out of the box from the back of the closet. I have some official dunks I copped for my bornday 2 week celebration, coming shortly in the mail. I'll let y'all in on something I always do with my kicks. PIMP YOUR LACES. I may only have like 2 pairs of shoes in my closet with original laces. Every kick gets their laces splashed out. Here are a few I saw recently that would have been gripped up when they dropped.





Don't lemme catch y'all slipping.


Built wit the BOUL KENES this morning. Known this cat like 15 years and it's always been homies over hoe bags, except when it comes to his art dartwork. Cat is my brother and we been thru some shit, that's why I'm happy to see him picking up his pen and cans again..................

Gotta express that talent. It's God Given.



my wifey was lucky enuff t get one his limited edition jackets......



FEAST OFF THIS....Concept zone out music from Lex Boogie
LEX in Space

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Toast to Obsidian


Face the faceless in an oasis of fakeness
rats with snakeskin and giant diamond eyes
dine on they kin
we aint gon rob you my nigga
its a accidental break in
no sun in creation we bask in the after glow
of darkness
the darkness we facing
the darkness we caged in
midnight no different
from 10am
we stuff our compatriots into the attic
and free ourselves out the basement

I don't really have a meaning,but the word obsidian made me think of that. Now back to the rest of the vision.



Razor sharp high caliber cartridge dartage! 22 chambers lost as the heat spins

At the old earth's crib lies a few plastic containment units. Within the depths of these lies many timeless hidden gems from 3rd and 4th childhoods many a moon and universe ago. Everytime I go home for the holidays I unearth something new. This trip I brought home some gear, a pair of clippers a few old VHS tapes and a few graphic novels............Out of these I pulled probably my all time favorite. Favorite. Yeah a word I don't like to really throw around because I have more than one. This book however was done extremely well. The writing was realistic. As realistic a Wolverine story as any. Love,Betrayal and Ninjas. Lots and Lots of NINJA. Just splashing this out there.FRANK MILLER and CHRIS CLAREMONT. The Wolverine limited series collected.




Monday, December 1, 2008

both hands crusty.......


mighty healthy

ghosts best album

rap is like zitti

play mics like Ted Koppel

Mrs Dash sprinkled wit a icicle eyelash

velour down like the sheik of Iran

a pair of bright yellow airmax 50 dollas son no tax or something of the sort.....Ghost chopped carrots, broccoli, cowfoot, ox tails and some choice Chinese/Italian dishes this album. I took a trip to Florida this past weekend for Thanksgiving. Strong 8 hr. drive..........and I had some Ghost keeping me awake. This album let it be known that Starks was the officially best out the Clan. Meth carried the torch first,then it passed hands from Dirty to Gza,to Rae and Ghost, then back to Ghost.........Ironman was dope, but this one had the excitement and polish Ironman lacked. Don't get me wrong Ironman had bangers and still probably my fave Ghost Song "Fish" next to Mighty Healthy, but this really made the Clientele Supreme.I been listening to the best of Killa Sin and some Superb verses popped into the mix. I know they fell out and that Perbs in jail(as is Killa Sin) but the mesh between him and Ghost was flawless. I'm not afraid to say I preferred Ghost and Perb's ranting of "my tape stay at the beginning cuz that's how they rewind" to ANYTHING He's ever done with Theodore Unit. Trife got skills and I like some of Solomon Child's darts, but the rest uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just wanted to drop this timeless album on the blog just cuz some of y'all may need to pull it off the shelf if you haven't listened to it for a while and soak that jawn in.........Ghost makes some of the best travellin music......Oh and by the way, I had to put "The Watch" and "The Sun" on my version as well hahahahahahahahah. Actually "The Watch" is like top 3 Ghost songs of all time. THE not so sublliminal shot at DMX is hilarious "this nigga barking and shit, I'm the Don of this shit". And the 50 cent Clyde Smith skit let Fitttty know his dig at the Clan didn't go unnoticed.