Sunday, October 5, 2008

That weather changing........

I love summer and all cuz I'm a Grill aficianado, Bobby Flay come to my crib and lemme woop that ass. Anyways My favorite season is close at hand. It pops off on Halloween every year and rides until about two weeks into January. It's been like that since I had to get up to shovel snow living on the east coast. The reason is that Halloween was always a fun holiday up top, then alot of my friends have birthdays in Nov. as do I(NOV 29), then you have Thanksgiving, a huge holiday to the West Indians in my fam for some reason, they really get it in on TANKSgivin as my pop would say. OK, then you roll into Dec. for Christmas and I've been leaving the country since '85 travelling around Cristmas time. Then you have the New Years jumpoff when our society really shuts down and pops it's collar collectively. I call the culmination of holidays and general vibe as Hoodie Season. Yes the vibe is good but please don't get caught sleeping.

Champ hoody1



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