Monday, May 25, 2009

He's back

Yeah just had a restfull weekend in Florida..........chilled heavily with fam,maxed out hit the beach and flipped Turkey Burgers. It's good to catch up with the folk and get your stress in check. I feel like I gained years just from soaking up the Sun and their energy. I love being detached from makes coming back to the crib that much better. I been leaving tweets about the whole thing, but to fill y'all in it's been real. I got some big drops coming soon here as well as at

Only say that to say this, if y'all wanna catch up with me I'm here...or I'm there....or I'm on twitter...or I'm in the streets. I'm not hard to find. It's all about having all your eyes opened. I've been busy but thesecret is to make it effortless. Work hard.......I tend to feel like if you can't feel that burn when u work out u aint working hard enuff. I've been making sure that no matter what I've been doing it I have to feel like I've exerted myself. I have to feel exhausted physically but contented mentally. My energy been rotating something lovely. I know some of y'all have been keeping up wit me for months and during that time I've been maintaining...standing strong even in the midst of adversity and attrition. I have my energy channelled and harnessed to where it has me on my pivot like a Top. I'm spinning too rapidly, now the real trick is not to spin out of control, but to gracefully draw em in and hypnotize em while they don't even see.hahahahahhahahahahha yeah, I'm there.

Stay Tuned

Monday, May 18, 2009

Everything that glitters.......

Been on a different chamber for a few weeks now.

Fell back a lil taste.

Been formulating and working and sweating...........It feels good to eat brainfood right now, definitely soaking up a whole other texture. It's cloudy right now,but it's bright.

Your journey always gonna have Middle Passages.

But when you get there and adapt and it's Survival of the Fetus...........

YOU GOTTA REALLY COME OUT YOUR EGGSHELL!!!!!!!!!!.........That's while the whole time they trying to come out their FACE...

Then you just explode it.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Davinchis, Angels,Demons Crouching, Tigers,Hidden dragons

u know what's hilarity to me? The fact that these "predictions" are all coming true.....even the predictions about the "predictions" are coming true. The thing is that the griots were in the streets building about this shit and some of us were listening then......Alot of folks were disbelieving and casually observing. Until they started seeing movies about the "Matrix" and "Illuminatii" and the papal conspiracies as well as the "families" like Bilderburg/Rothzzzzzzzzz knawmean. They made the shit an intirguing story or a fucking gay ass hollyweird ass joke. It'sdefinitely got some nice exploosions and CGI, but at the end of they day they feeding you the real shit in distorted assed purina cat chow type view. I mean nobody really knows nothing. The god megalon been hitting me talking about days be numbered and we really don't know nothing. We know this shit from a book and call it "air" and we drink this "water", but at the end of the days you know that Macys is Masons..............keep buying free shit you muddascumps.........I ain't even on no other shit than you gotta deal wit people so plastic it would take 300 years for their bodies to break down and be re-absorbed by the earth and re-emitted.

on another note.....I know that it's a blessing to have motor skills...........blessed to be living in the day. Feeling more and more like them dues been paid while I was soaking up the earth and giving back that energy that will swallow your mind. Everyone NEEDS to DO their OWN RESEARCH.....................mothafuckas wanna scribble they lil shit on some newborn shit...but the real always know that's aged.......and you ain't gotta explain to these lames...................

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Origin of Gil Scott Heron

As any of you who frequent this site already know. This is my favorite MC hands down. Also one of my greatest inspirations. His artwork has held me down many a Sunday afternoon. This is such a great series I had to share.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Power of Oneness

"Conversation enriches the understanding, but solitude is the school of genius."
Sir Edward Gibbon

"Every evening I have a by myself meeting"

I move at the speed of life. That said you know that everything goes in cycles. Some cycles are abrupt,abrasive in your face and straight up explosive. Other cycles more contained and subtle. The latter is how I'm moving now. Totally changed my environment and started seeing the power of self. Making that mental affirmation that it's time for a life change and paradigm shift and then focusing your energy and alowing it to happen. I've been going thru this process for months and within the last week am I finally able to say that "Yes things have changed" and it's all for the better. I tell people this shit all the time, that "You" are the only 1 who can change "You". Sometimes seeing is truly believing because it takes some dramatic almost supernatural shit to bring people around. I tell folks that "I don't go to church, but I talk to God". A lot of times folks like to go thru the motions to feel like their doing something instead of really doing it. I like to put that good work in and really really grind so that I can not only see but enjoy the fruits of my labor. Things work in cycles, yes, but it's being prepared mentally and physically for that shift. I'm here now exhausted from my new change of pace, plus from exercising real heavy this week my whole body is numb...............I've been doing a lot of thinking and just trying to find that peaceful medium. I'm very dis attached from things and I'm enjoying it more and more that way...Just let me be an island on my own, cuz that's how I'm feeling.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Roth apology.......not accepted

The homie Dallas twittttered this earlier..............I'm still crying over here.

where your head at

as we get into that hot weather season, here's a few things that have me vibing lately


Buckshot- Follow remix

Bootcamp wilding on Flex
Showbiz ft Money BoSS Players - Them Boys is doin it




NIKE Dunk LO Neon

Ernie Barnes R.I.P
OBEY the New World
Also joined Adult Swim's Online Hub

These are all things that have inspired me in some way this past week...................Some of that good motivation.....If you were to look inside my brain these are some of the images you would see turning the wheels and cranking the gears.........

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Went thru my home girl Stacy Epps video shoot today for her single Floatin. Mad fam in the building, we flicked it up and came thru to support her on her path to Victory..............It was a heavy vibe rooftop on the Cotton Mill Lofts....

also slid to Likkle 5 and caught up wit NYC and saw some new flavors.
Floatin wit Stacy
The shoot
ILLADEL to ATL wit D.R.E.S and JayForce
Them Philly Bols
Pon di Street
NYC at the Reggae spot
The Homie Dubelyoo in front of this oil painting he did

POWWWWWER!!!!! this was one of them classic chill weekends. Grilling chilling.......coudn't really ask for too much more

Friday, May 1, 2009


The family in Illadelph thru this event and I'm just now getting the footage now....peep, courtesy of Filthism

Kenes getting it in something proper...........