Friday, October 24, 2008


WOLVERINE!!!!!!!!!! hands down my favorite comic book character next to Bullseye. This one is gonna be HUGE. This is also footage from the Comicon....Notice how the crowd loses it when Gambit pops up...NUFF SAID.


WATCHMEN.....Another comic book movie, but very very ill and raw and realistic, well as realistic as it can be. I remember when Watchmen came out(the books) and I remember how serious comic heads and literary folks took it. All I can say as someone who has read the comics is that the movie looks dead on. I mean almost exactly the feel of the book. Now we haven't seen the movie yet, but just from this preview I'm being prepared to be blown away. Also if they could do Watchmen, as immense as that story is, then Mark Millar should be slapped for letting them turn Wanted(an excellent comic book in my opinion) into a damn Angelina Jolie movie that was waaaaaaaqaay off base from how ill the book was.

OK this next one, I'm just interested to see how it get's pulled off.

NOTORIOUS, the life and times of BIGGIE SMALLS. I mean, Gravy(the actor/rapper) playing BIG deserves his shot. I mean he favors him and is an mc, so he already has a leg up. I'm just hoping this doesn't turn out like the MC Hammer movie VH1 put together where you look at it like a train wreck,nah not train wreck, but a plane crashing into a train wreck. I have hopes, not necessarily high, but hopes. Unfortunately for Gravy though, I think he may be typecast as big, meaning that when he does shows now, he may have to scrap his entire (unknown) catalogue and just do shows as B.I.G, because that's what people are gonna wanna hear. It'll be some weird Elvis type impersonation shit, but hey the kids gotta eat.

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