Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have a lot of wonderful experience growing up in HipHop culture. Memories for days. I've been blessed to have met most of the artists I loved listening to while I was growing up. Not just having photo ops or just getting an autograph signed, but having conversations and interactions and learning something from these people. Yes, people and not artists because I learned a long time ago that these folks, tho' gifted and talented are really regular folks who put their pants on one leg at a time. Here's some of the pics I wanted to share. Coming directly from the wall at my old batcave. Those walls used to be covered in pictures so this isn't all of it. Just the first wave.


actually met up with Chuck on a few seperate occasions and was involved in a discussion with him and some other artists at Piedmont in Atlanta. Nation of Millions is one of my TOP,TOP favorites of all times so it was BIG to kick it with Chuck D.

To see a Big Pun show with him really rocking, I considered a blessing. To say the least The Punisher was Larger than Life and one of the Best to ever have done this. A really slet on talent who passed way before his time. I give props to Eminem but Pun put words together like none other. His lyrical dexterity is unmatched.


Easily one of the best experiences of my Life. Me and Akil played the V.I.P real heavy, popping bottles with chicks on our laps, rubbing elbows with B.I.G and Nas at the same party,grinding with strippers and almost getting into a rumble with Junior Mafia over some chicks(They wanted to get closer to the ladies and we was being greedy)hahahahahaha I look back on it and Laugh. Lil Kim was there too as were a few of the Philadelphia Eagles. Definitely a fly night in A.C......Cats ran out of L's and went home the next morning smoking out the Bible Papers............

One of the best duos in HipHop who never get enough credit. I actually bumped into Guru in Jamaica around the time White men can't jump was out. Since then I've seen them perform numerous times and have had a few convos with Guru.

Invisible Game,Invisible Gods yeah that was the click and still is the embodiment. Akil always had skills with the paint. I tried to get my lil hand styles off back then,but was always more of a writer, still I tried.

One of the illest stories in comics.The Wolverine limited series when he went to Japan to get his girl. I almost got that shit tattooed on my back.Wolverine nuff said. The movie next summer looks off the chains.

A question I often ponder!


Mikey McFly™ said...

Yo that Wolverine comic....Classic my got it back in the day when it first came out...

marcus said...

No doubt man, I got a lot of favorites, but that joint definitely stands the test of time.It would be an ill story line for the sequel to the movie