Saturday, October 11, 2008

How you Slivvvin?

On those days we're blessed to put back a few beers,kick back and get a lil swervy. We must always throw up a shot and lick a shot for JAH RASTAFARIIII

Anywho, I'm over here celebrating yet another triumph, a small personal victory but large gainful one for those at large. An impactful impact. A true splacked. Culture Vultures beware. Time of absolute chaos is amongst you my friends. It's truly an obtuse characteristic of the true art. Which in itself is an extreme achievement of benevolence.

Feel blessed and.......

Never disrespect the cypher. I've seen people get knocked flat on they back for interrupting the cypher.Put your hoody up and walk wit me........................................

On that note.
Take heed of all I've given you right there just to tell you that the simplest most fun things in life are free, but also realize that in this life nothing is truly free.

2 drinks

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