Thursday, October 2, 2008

the first day of school.

So yeah I have an "eye" or at least I think I do, which is all that's important for now.....Anyways I saw a few things recently that caught the old "eye" and I figured I'd kick the blog into gear by popping off some flavor. Now some of this flavor may or may not be something I'd personally rock, but you know what they say, "see something that catches your eye and you may as well cop it because it will probably catch other peoples eyes as well". Anyway with no further ado I present a section of the blog I'll call. The "eye". Lemme know what y'all think. I'll start off with some Nike's that I would probably stock in the closet to get on T.G's nerves and probably wear, like most of my other kicks, once a year hhahahahahahahahahahah.

nike flavor 2

the all black!!!!!!!!!!!

nike flavor

a splash of color

Now, do what do you think of these Tims, yes Timberland boots? Interesting to say the least.

abington tims
abington tims 2
abington tims 3

abington tims 4
Abington(The original company name before Timberland) Collection

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