Sunday, October 19, 2008

FUTURE Communicado

Yeah, I know I know, what kind of lifestyle cat do I think I am without the iphone? Well I'm a blackberry owner who just can't make that transition.....I multitask with the berry too much. All in the course of having a phone call, I'll check my gmail,text wifey,mms text Lex a pic of something I just clipped and do it all with I got a friend who works for Apple and he said if he didn't get the iphone for free he wouldn't have gotten it. That compounded with the fact that he keeps telling me the new things that they're planning to do with the "next" generation and it will pay to wait.....Shoot, dealing with cingular I wait anyway on giving over my cash. They're nothing more than just a necessary evil anyways,but if I could get something lightweight and sleek like this with all the things my blackberry does, I might make the jump.....





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