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Inspiration from Staple....

Branding is crucial in any business. Been following and supporting Jeff and his Staple designs for a while now. Cat definitely inspires me. I was just actually at his Reed Space store copping some new wears when I was in NY last month.
Here's an interview Jeff just did Common Magazine.
staple in the lab

What made you start or take interest in designing?
In 1993, I was working at a design firm just doing data entry and I thought it was inspiring to witness people working and making a living doing something like this. It was really my first exposure to design as a profession.
■ デザインを始めた(興味を持った)きっかけを教えてください。
□ So after that, you studied design at the design firm and then started your own business?
Yes, sort of. The owner of the company, Scott, really took me under his wing and taught me all the design programs and the Mac. But I still didn't have basic design principals in me. So for that, I went to Parsons School of Design. And it was in Parsons that I started Staple Design.
■ その後、デザイン会社でデザインを勉強して独立したって事ですか?
そんな感じです。その会社のオーナーのスコットさんがデザインプログラムやMacの使い方を直々に教えてくれたんです。それでもデザインの基礎がなかったので、それを補うためにParsons School of Designに通う事にしました。Staple Designを立ち上げたのはParsonsに通っている最中でした。
□ How many staff are at Staple Design? and how did they come to join you there?
We have 19 people now. They work in all different divisions. Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Production, Clothing Sales, Shipping/ Logitics, Accounting, Retail Management, Retail Buying, Retail Sales, Art Gallery Curation, etc.
We usually like to hire by word of mouth and recommendation from friends. We rarely hire people off the street we don't know. We do meet with these types but you have to be really impressive to get hired this way.
■ Staple Designは何人いて、どうやって集まったんですか?
□ Is there anything you always keep in mind or beliefs you incorporate when designing?
What is design to you?
We always think about our motto: A Positive Social Contagion. Does what we are doing continue to promote positivity? Design to me is the art of communication. How well you communicate your ideas is how good of a designer you are.
■ デザインする上でのこだわりや信念・大切にしていることは何ですか?そしてjeffstapleにとってデザインとは何ですか?
常に念頭にあるのが我々のモットー:A Positive SocialContagion(直訳:社会的にポジティブな事を伝染させること)です。いつも自問するのが、我々のやっていることは常にポジティブな影響を与えているのか?
□ In the 10 years of your career, what was the most memorable project?
Big ones that stand out are Nike Considered (the ecological sneaker and concept from Nike) and the Nike Pigeon Dunk. But I always like to think that the most memorable project will be the one I am working on next.
■ 10年というjeffstapleのキャリアの中で、一番印象に残っている仕事は何ですか?
特に印象に残っているのはNikeConsidered(Nike社のエココンセプトに基づいたスニーカーライン)とNike Pigeon Dunkです。ただ、いつも新しいプロジェクトを始める時に、これがいままでで一番印象の残るプロジェクトになればと思って挑みます。
□ What do you do when you encounter designer's block? (when you get stuck on ideas)
I wait. I can't force creativity. Luckily for me, eventually, the planets align and something usually sparks.
■ アイデアに詰まった時どうしますか?
□ How did you get to work with big companies like Nike, Burton, Levi's, Louis Vuitton, Microsoft, Sony, etc.?
Each project came about differently. But the common factor in all of this is "relationships." Meeting the right people and treating all different types of people with respect is the key to success.
■ NIKE, BURTON, LEVI'S, LOUIS VUITTON, Microsoft, sony等のビッグカンパニーと仕事をするようになったきっかけは?
各会社との仕事のきっかけはそれぞれまったく異なります。ただ、すべてに共通していえるのが 「関係」。会うべく人に会い、どんなタイプであっても全ての人に敬意をもって接する事が成功への鍵だと思います。
You have 2 main businesses: client work designing & Staple apparel (reed space included). How do you juggle the two?
By having a great team. Each person must understand their role and do their job correctly and efficiently. If I have that, there's nothing we cannot do...2, 4, 6, 8 projects all at the same time.
■ クライアントワーク、自身のアパレルブランド・reedspace(ショップ)と大きく二つの柱がStapleDesignにはありますが、そのワークバランスはどうやってとっているのですか?
□ What is the most important thing in building and leading a team?
In building a team, its most important to have unison. I don't need everyone to be an all-star performer. It's more important to have a good chemistry. And with leading a team, I think it's important to always inspire your co-workers. People can work for money of course, but if you inspire your team, that becomes invaluable.
■ チームをまとめる時に、大切にしている事を教えてください。
□ How did you become connected with Dumbo?
I met them in Osaka at the Staple Tenjikai through our distributor, LPH and Hiroko Uchida.
■ お香ブランドのDumboとはどのようにして繋がったんですか?
□ How far have you gotten with the project with Dumbo?
We're still in the beginning stages. That's the way a good collaboration should happen... Naturally. In an ideal world, there should be no deadlines.
■ Dumboとのプロジェクトは今どの辺まで進んでいるんですか?
□ In general, how is NY nowadays? We'd like to know about its current situation.
Economy is pretty bad right now. But the creativity is still there. NY I think will always be NY.
■ 大枠でいいので、今のNYの状況が知りたいです。
□ What is the theme and identity of Reed Space?
It's themed after a school. Because not only is it a place to shop, it's a place to learn.
■ reed spaceのアイデンティティーやテーマを教えてください?
□ You recently opened Reed Annex. What is the theme and identity of Reed Annex?
The Annex theme is like our storage warehouse. The contents of the shop is always items that are on sale 30-75% off. So I thought it should feel like our warehouse. But in actuality, all the furniture in there was custom designed for the interior of the space.
■ 最近、reedannexがオープンしましたよね。reed annexのアイデンティティーやテーマを教えてください?
□ Please explain the meaning of "staple".
"A raw essential element that you can't live without."
■ stapleの意味を教えて下さい。
□ The Pigeon has become an icon for Staple. Why did you choose this?
I chose Pigeons because I think it's a bird that really represents NYC. But not just NYC, all people who live in urban cities. They are survivors just like we are. Plus, nobody really inherently likes Pigeons, so its a cool challenge to try and get people to change their perception.
■ StapleのアイコンはPIGEONですが、何故PIGEONをアイコンに選んだんですか?
□ You have done many CD/record jackets and posters for hip-hop artists (i.e. Common, BlackStar, Spina, Gang Starr) as your clients.Are you personally very close with these artists?
No, I might have had to meet them to design the cover, but they're too big to be friends with me!
■ クライアントワークの中でHipHopモノ(Common, BlackStar, Spina, Gang Starr)のジャケットやポスターなど多く手掛けていますがjeffstaple自身Hiphopアーティストとの繋がりが深いんですか?
□ It seems Staple Design has been doing a lot of businesses with globally famous and big companies nowadays. Do you still work with small companies or individuals?
Yes all the time! It's important to do so. Working with small companies usually allows us to be more creative and have more freedom.
■ 今ではStaple Designは世界的に有名でビッグカンパニーと仕事をする機会が多いと思いますが、ビッグカンパニーではなく小さい企業や個人との仕事など受けたりしているんですか?
□ Does Staple Design choose the clients?
Yes. Always.
■ クライアントを選んだりするんですか?
□ What should one do in order to work with Staple Design?
Just email us! You never know...
■ Staple Designと仕事をしたい時はどうしたらいいですか?
□ Are there plans to do anything interesting in the future?
I hope so! Otherwise, I should just stop doing Staple!
■ 今後、何かおもしろい試みはありますか?

Flick from my last stop at Reed Space

Spreading my wings in the Pigeon tee

open wings

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