Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lemme get a slice

Now I've had alot of things in all different parts of the globe. From Pizza and pasta in Italy,to Fish and Chips in London,Jerk Chicken in Jamaica,Sushi in Japan,Thai food in Thailand,Baguettes in France,Texas North Carolina and Alabama BBQ, Seafood and Mexican Food on the West Coast by the Pacific, New York Pizza and Seafood on the East Coast. Poboys and Seafood in New Orleans by the Gulf. I've gotten Curry from India and Wine from Spain.................So I've had a wide array of dishes and can create an even wider array. I'm an adventurous dude, but I don't know about this one right here. I may just have to grab a slice. It's only $125 if cut into 8 slices. NO not $1.25, but $125.00, only $1000.00 for a whole pie.


a slice of pie

The world's most expensive pizza was made by Nino's Bellissima Pizza (located in New York City). The 12-inch pizza is topped with creme fraiche, chives, eight ounces of four different kinds of Petrossian caviar, four ounces of thinly sliced Maine lobster tail, salmon roe, and a little bit of wasabi to complement all the fish.

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