Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Murses Song

Caught this joint over at the homies at Kaos effect and had to bring it here. HipHop is all about varying opinions and different takes on trends and cultures. I haven't been feeling the feminization of men for a while now, and have been laughing for a while at rappers trying to dress like my mother,y'know the long "flowing"fur coats and mink stoles,the designer scarves and shawls, the earrings that dangle, or like my wife with theTight glittery Ed Hardy shit that her and her girlfriends been rocking for years, and now FINALLY cats is taking it al the way there with the purses. What's next designer lipstick and lip gloss? I mean tight jeans is here as well and cats are saying they don't wanna be baggy. O.K but theres a difference between tight jeans like a female would rock and jeans that fit you like a man. This isn't even metro anymore. Anyways here's the song from Japcity.......I'm guessing Kanye may come out with a response saying the song is homophobic, but I digress, I think this song is a feeling of common sense,well minus the repeated yelling of the "f" word. What do y'all think.

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