Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday in the A

Crazy energy out in Atlanta this weekend. 1st some of the premier sneaker afficionado's from all over the World are converging on ATL for Greg Streets Sneaker Friends function. Also Converse is having a b-ball tournament featuring Jim Jones(Cam'ron actually made a guest appearance), Jay Electronica, Sean Price and some other folks. There's also a Sean Price show tonite as well as Mayweather rematch with Sugar Shane Moseley. Also some good folks in town, but this is a positive weekend to start thinking about Summer and stacking. From the end of June to the End of July, I'm anticipating alot of craziness. Really all summer, but I'm planning on doin alot of travelling between those times.

EDIT: Caught up with Sean P! that show and chopped it up wit him and Sha Stimuli! Real Talk and a dope show = Winners in the Circle

The Gritty Committee presents Sean Price Live from Lex Boogie on Vimeo.