Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Went to Japan a few months ago and got linked up with a few things......People,Places and Flavors.............I haven't really splashed out with most of the trip but slowly but surely I'll start letting things leak out.........

japan time

Them Cocaine White "Tokyo" Nike SB's (canvas material so I really won't be rocking these heavy at all)

japan feet
An ill spot with a lot of exclusive flavors
ill spot
A random jawn
japan jawn
some reading for the flight home(13 hrs, I think flying over Alaska was the illest part, oh and the food on the plane is ill, grilled salmon with pasta and veggies, real gourmet shit, and yes tea is served with every meal)

reading on the way home
I saw a lot of dope electronics but I already have a small camera,that was the new trend over there, really really small cameras.........

Also brought home some authentic GreenTea. And if you a sushi fanatic like me, there is no comparison to Japanese sushi......NONE, but this may be close

If you do plan to go you gon need A LOT of these
Next stop!!!!!!!


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Mikey McFly™ said...

Mega Propz..I've been scheming on going