Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rest In Peace Jax


Man...................The news still hitting me,the shock,just imbalanced, right now. I came in today feeling charged and hopeful. Then I get that abnormal early morning call and the words "you heard about Jax?"


"He passed last night"



I've known Jax for about 10 yrs. Always in the scene. I've had good experiences and have worked with him on various different things. Broke bread, shared common bonds....................Me and him were the same age.

It's messed up because from our last convo, we were planning on doing more work together in the future. Definitely a staple of the scene and a real dude. I may go in more later, but right now I gotta soak it all in. Still in shock at how one day you're here and the next your gone. TAKE NOTHING OR NO ONE FOR Granted. I am thankful for even knowing this cat and really building.



Mikey McFly™ said...

My condolensces

M said...

thanx man this cat will b missed.......