Monday, November 3, 2008

Couple Things.......

This post may seem broken up distracted and scattered but that's how I'm rocking right now. Free thoughts...........

First it's Nov.3, election is 2morrow.

I'm over here listening to Fabolous Loso's Way 2, this kid is nice....I mean he may do some wishy wash, extra watery singles,but Fab to me should be where Lilweeziana is at but that's neither here nor there. Fab is definitely on his grizzz based on the B.E.T cypher recently.

My TVs are off. I hears Obamas grandmoms passed, but I don't wanna hear any talking heads tonite. I listened to a NERVOUS Sean Hannity spewing incoherrent weak garbage about if we lose we'll just take the conservative resistance movement underground.

Yeah TV off.

I'm on the google hunting for side hustles......I'm about to take it back to when I had that mattress money,but I'm gonna do it using technology rather than the street internets aka the corner.

Curb my spending and enthusiasm.........I hear clubs out there who are used to charging upwards of 70 bucks(LOWL) to get in to rub elbows with people who sit in V.I.P and talk on the phone or text, are hurting because people have stopped splurging and trying to make it rain.......Shouts to Pinups in ATL tho' have 3(tree) dolla drinks popping.........

Yeah, uhhm, yeah...............Also trying to balance my mind by looking at all the flavors I'd be indulging in if I was to drizzzle.

I'm good tho'. It's a black leather winter. Optimism for the New Year. New goals and status to be obtained. My travel season about to commence even though I've taken a handful of flights already in the last few months.

Now is NY again in a couple weeks,Florida,NewOrleans and then overseas for a sec.

Travel and shifting into different speeds keeps me healthy. My think tank spans the globe,so the sky is never the limit.

STAY AWAKE........

and get it how you live......Hold your heads for the next few, things might get funky out here.


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