Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's tricking if you tricking

Period. Mike Tyson, Holyfield,TLC, MC Hammer,Donald Trump have had more money at one point in their lives than most people may ever see in a lifetime. Another thing they have in common is that they've also all lost that money and been in debt or filed for bankrupcy or had to borrow money to get back on their feet. Trump actually used his name as collateral to borrow money. Hammer went religious, TLC went bankrupt. Tyson damn near broke and Holyfield is about to have to fight again at damn near 50 years old.

The lesson is that these cats you see in the streets and in the clubs are nowhere near to having hundreds of millions of dollars. They my have some flashy shit on and not care about drizzling a thousand dollars here or there on some broads that they don't know. They would call me broke because they can't see me withdraw my entire bank account to "flash" or have it in my pocket. This matters not considering the economy and how people are being laid off or just the fact that people aren't spending how they used to. Times are tuff and getting tougher. I'm blessed to not be hurting at this point. Roof over the dome,food in the fridge a couple cars,lil macbook to drop blogs in,and most importantly my health and fam. All I'm gonna leave y'all with today is, if your doing o.k, still tighten up the bootstraps and see what parts of your life you can trim the fat down on and start setting aside some savings. It's want vs needs. Trust me when I tell you that even if you got it or think you do, it never pays to trick, even tho' I know some of these peeps can't be told that they ain't got it. Wealth and being rich is the ability to have over a million dollars in liquid assets and be able to never have to work a day ever again. If you still gotta work, then you're not rich. You're not wealthy, you're 1 incident away from being check to check.

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