Monday, November 24, 2008

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Remove Late Payments From Your Credit Report Using Three Different Ways
Removing a late payment entry from your credit report, most especially if you do not have several late payment markings on the same credit account, is not so hard. You can always negotiate your way into the removal of the late payment record on your credit report. Here are three different methods which you can conveniently try to erase the late payment marks from your credit report:

1. Request a goodwill adjustment from your first creditor.

One of the easiest means to delete a late payment from your credit account record is to ask your original loaner for a goodwill adjustment. Goodwill adjustment is a process of altering your credit marking from "late" to "current." Asking for a goodwill adjustment from your loaners is easier if your payment records prior to the late payment are fairly impressive.

2. Work out a late payment removal by signing up for automatic payment services.

Another technique you can use to erase the late payment entry from that credit report is to sign-up for automatic payment services. Several loaners will help you erase the negative entries on your credit report only if you support their automatic payment service. The arrangement is actually beneficial for both: the creditor will obtain your payments on time and you will finish your financial responsibilities on schedule.

3. Present a lien stating that the late payment marking is inexact.

Disputing the inexactness of the details of your credit history is also a great means to eliminate the late payment entry on your credit report. Loaners, thanks to the large number of credit records they handle every day, have the tendency to have a difficult time affirming the details on your credit record. If the loaners fail to verify the accuracy of the late payment record, then that poor entry in your credit account will be erased.

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