Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lo Down and Dirty check it out!!!

The homie Thirstin Howl is about to do a collabo album wit one of my favorite artists, Sadat X.........I feel both these cats. I've built with Thirstin a few times and dude is definitely a real cat. I always related to the lolife movement and era. They got it IN and really pushed rocking Lo Down thru the hood(sorry Kanye this is when you was still rocking GAP).......My people's had our own thing. Boosting electronics and Nintendo stuff more than was 89' cmon we was kids, either way it was all part of the struggle. One day I'll tell y'all about my flawless Mall record(it's beyond the statute of limitations I'm sure) of going in with less than three George Washingtons in my pockets and coming out looking like I knew Benjamin Franklin personally.....All I'm gonna say is them big yellow bags used to be overflowing, we were O.Gs before the Nickolson/Keaton Batman movie came out. The good ole days before doors had sensors on em and stuff had tags......................Sam Goody was one of my spots too hahahahahahahahahaha y'all should have seen my tape collection.....We was them Philly/Jerz Broady kids.

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