Monday, December 22, 2008

We Roll Out


Wednesday morning I'm out!!!!!!! Been giving my holiday love to my peeps. They all like "where you going". As soon as I say Indonesia, it's hard for them to grasp. Not like that, but just the fact that it's not a usual place that someone would say that they're headed to. I know that. It's the time of year that we usually dip out. Instead of spending money on some Christmas gifts we take trips. Mostly passport necessary trips. In the last few years I've been to a few islands and Asia. Next year we're doing another couple islands and hopefully Africa. There is nothing more important to me than Freedom. The freedom to leave the American mindstate for a couple weeks and come back with renewed energy and ideas. I always tell my homies that I do my best thinking on the beach or in the air. I have an ipod touch 16g filled to the brim with a WIDE variety of music. I have some books and magazines and a pen and a mini notebook. I have my camera and I have 1 bag to hold everything and my gear. My Timberland hiking boots that only come out for my yearly trips. I'm feeling more and more open as I type. Dunno about how many updates you'll get from me between now and New Years, but I wanna make sure everybody is straight. Enjoy your Holiday and take time to reflect on what you have and the fact that things could always be worse. Have a triumphant New Year and reflect on your plans for 2009. We Lost some good soldiers in 2008, we'll bring them with us in essence as we move forward.

Everyone Stay Up.....Much Love

Let's Get It



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