Sunday, December 14, 2008

Living on $1 a day


Sometimes I kid around with my people about when they think that the GOV will start charging you for air like they charge you for water. It's getting ridiculous out there anyway with some of these bills. I own a home and trust me they HIT YOU UP!!!!!!!
Anyways here's an experiment a couple 'TI's tried by living on $1 for a month..........matter fact heres a link to their blog. Peep how they did it. The most striking thing they said they couldn't afford were "Healthy Foods" like fruits and veggies hahahahahahah you telling us. Anyone who lives in or came from the hood can tell you that. The natural foods grown from the earth are more expensive than the foods they actually manufacture synthetically and service to the corner store. CRAZY!!!. So how many breaths will you be allowed to breath per day when they start the "Air Tax"?

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