Monday, December 1, 2008

both hands crusty.......


mighty healthy

ghosts best album

rap is like zitti

play mics like Ted Koppel

Mrs Dash sprinkled wit a icicle eyelash

velour down like the sheik of Iran

a pair of bright yellow airmax 50 dollas son no tax or something of the sort.....Ghost chopped carrots, broccoli, cowfoot, ox tails and some choice Chinese/Italian dishes this album. I took a trip to Florida this past weekend for Thanksgiving. Strong 8 hr. drive..........and I had some Ghost keeping me awake. This album let it be known that Starks was the officially best out the Clan. Meth carried the torch first,then it passed hands from Dirty to Gza,to Rae and Ghost, then back to Ghost.........Ironman was dope, but this one had the excitement and polish Ironman lacked. Don't get me wrong Ironman had bangers and still probably my fave Ghost Song "Fish" next to Mighty Healthy, but this really made the Clientele Supreme.I been listening to the best of Killa Sin and some Superb verses popped into the mix. I know they fell out and that Perbs in jail(as is Killa Sin) but the mesh between him and Ghost was flawless. I'm not afraid to say I preferred Ghost and Perb's ranting of "my tape stay at the beginning cuz that's how they rewind" to ANYTHING He's ever done with Theodore Unit. Trife got skills and I like some of Solomon Child's darts, but the rest uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just wanted to drop this timeless album on the blog just cuz some of y'all may need to pull it off the shelf if you haven't listened to it for a while and soak that jawn in.........Ghost makes some of the best travellin music......Oh and by the way, I had to put "The Watch" and "The Sun" on my version as well hahahahahahahahah. Actually "The Watch" is like top 3 Ghost songs of all time. THE not so sublliminal shot at DMX is hilarious "this nigga barking and shit, I'm the Don of this shit". And the 50 cent Clyde Smith skit let Fitttty know his dig at the Clan didn't go unnoticed.

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