Sunday, December 14, 2008

ONE of my favorite producers


This cat Madlib keeps me inspired to death. He's an organic artist in the truest sense of the word. He does what he feels. There is never any big label expectations from a label breathing down his neck. He don't have to follow the typical industry conventions of A. sucking dilznick to get a hit or B. following,biting or copying trends. This cat has dozens of albums from the brilliant Yesterdays New Quintet Jazz series to collaborative classics with MF Doom(Mad Villain) and the God J Dilla(Jay Lib) R.I.P. He also don't care if you know he's behind the project or not because he may title it something crazy and assume a name just for that project. Either way, I had give him his props with this post just for the continued inspiration I get from all the projects.

Peep the new dedications he just did to Dilla as well disguised as the Beat Konducta.


Jay's Day


here's a big gem right here........His MotownxMadlib podcast( I listen to this shit while I'm grilling it up in the summertime)

and here's a dude named Bullion who you can tell where his inspiration also comes from. And if you can't obviously it's Madlib and Dilla.

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