Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Agree 100% with this cat

And anyone who knows me knows I ain't the biggest Butttons fan. I respect dudes work ethic and have come somewhat moderately to his side tho'. I'm down wit him Ortiz,Royce and Crooked trying to bring HipHop back to lyrics.........I ain't drank the Kool Ade on following these tight jeans singer dudes. Only tight jeans emo singers I'm feeling is Santogold and M.I.A, but they jeans is baggier then some of these dudes running around looking like Rainbow Bright.

I know some cats who read my blog like what's going on in music these days and that's beautiful cuz we aint supposed to be clones liking the same shit. I'm a dinosaur wit mines tho', gimme BootCamp,WuTang,Gangstarr,Death Row(vintage;Kurrupt was a beast),Nas and Brand Nubian over anything people have tried to tell me was dope fr the past few years.........YES I'm still Timz and Hoodchecked, even tho my sneaker game is Fascist.


$oulCHK said...


not buttons.


Joeys the man <3

M said...

hahahahahahaha that's how we pronounce it in Jerz.