Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How I'm feeling..


Fully charged like the rari bike

Been getting up early as hell lately and just getting focused.....I know I'm getting older and leaving the streets alone more and more. I can't hate on these kids these days, but we used to get it IN.....Blowing a shotgun thru some Double D cleavage anyone? Getting in free and sipping and burning all night long for free for years. It takes it's toll folks. Meeting a fine ass chick here and then going uptown to another party or going downtown to hangout further or making it to the apartment or dorm.I've got long stories. I've lived about 5 Lifetimes. Dated some spectacular women of all races. Been all over the world. Been all over some grimy,grimy ass hoods too. I feel good about where I am and where I've been. One of the homies who isn't too keen on the whole blog and innnanet shit asked me after reviewing alot of peoples blogs,"it seems like some of these kids is more interested in living life and feeling a sense of importance thru their blogs, than really living life to live it". I agreed to a point because I feel that sometimes. I see some cats going way, way in seeking a sense of self worth more than just sharing themselves. I told him everybodies not like that though. There are some blogs that are truly entertaining and enlightening. Mine is medicinal for my own purposes. I am just happy though to be waking up fully charged and blessed to be able to look back at all the mayhem and havoc we've been thru and at the close beloved circle of friends I've got and say, hey I got it pretty good.


Hoang's Daily Observation said...

Man that's a sick bike.

I agree that writing blogs is like therapy; it's sometime really good to just express yourself. Keep up the good stuff man.


M said...

definitely some good medicina.......its keeping me healthy man.