Saturday, December 20, 2008

One of my favorite songs

And I don't know the artist. I was digging thru my tape collection because I've been looking for old gems. Anyone who knows me knows I keep my collection game on point. From records to magazines to comic books to cd's to sneakers to old clothes to colognes etc. Anyway my tape collection spans a few duffle bags full. I used to tape HipHop radio for years. At least since 1989. Anyways I found this tape from 1997 with a lot of Canibus(A MONSTER AT THE TIME)some Pun,some Gravedigga's(that second album had joints and was slept on heavy)some CNN,some Prodigy joints dissing Keith Murray,some of Big Noyd's first Ep which was aiight too.But there was this one joint that I Loved. Definition of HipHop in a song if I ever heard one. Ill minamalist beat and 2 mc's just spazzing,going in elevating themselves with every bar. This is the HipHop I remember hearing on the streets of the east coast growing up. It was about wordplay 100%. No flashy shit,just basically how ill you could put words together.

So I found the joints and I just had to transfer it from the tape to digi audio so pardon the shitty quality, but if anyone heard this joint and knows who it is. GET AT me immediately.


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