Sunday, December 7, 2008

sometimes you go back


As you could see now I'm on twitter..................I know I know I said I wasn't feeling it like that, but so many folks I deal with are on it so I figured I'd give it another shot. That, Like this blog has become for me, is medicinal. Also, just like how I feel about my blog, is something I do just to do. I don't care about how many folks follow me, I'm cool with just 1 person. I like it more so to see whats going on around me. Google NEWS is my shit. Period. It also gives me a chance to let y'all in on my culinary skilled choicemanship. Anyways I was thinking about some other things I wasn't feeling at first but have become some o my favorite things.

Wutang Enter the 36- I was feeling the singles, Methodman and Protect ya Neck. After they gave me shit like Tearz and bring the ruckus, I wasn't feeling the effort. That on top of the fact that Redman had something out, didn't give the album the run it needed. I picked it up a few weeks later and it grew on me and became one of my favorite joints.

De La Soul- Stakes is High- Again, Loved the singles. I got this album and Nas It Was Written the same day. De La lost at first because It Was written was so highly anticipated,but once I finally got fully into the album it became my favorite DeLa Album. They, like Ghost and Rae,Jeru the Damaga,Nas and Tupac, had Anti-Biggie,BadBoy,Puffy lyrics throughout the album.

OC Jewelz- Think I got this and BigPun album the same day. Needless to say Pun won that one. OC album did not grab me at all when I first listened to it. I was angry because the first one was my shit. I liked the singles, but he wasnt going there lyrically enough. The thing I had wanted multi's in the verses. I wanted him to rhyme the whole verse with the same word. I wanted somebody spitting, so I was listening to Capital Punishment crazy....I think it took me a year to resurrect Jewelz and it was on a roadtrip with some chick that I really started to appreciate the album as a whole. This was definitely a complete project. Now one of my favorite albums to listen to. I had to re-realize that O.C has his own style.


Goldi gold said...

yea, I'm still contemplating that twitter thing. But i'm gonna end up on that joint at the top of the year. That Oc jewels. I don't know. I guess when he mentioned he dumb down the lyrics on that album that was a mean strike against dude. I'm gonna make another effort to listen to that joint again

M said...

word up......i bet it grows on you.