Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time for some Revolt

FEAST......definitely ain't No New thing.

And b4 y'all go in to DEFEND. I see y'all out there protecting the "Big" House and telling those of us in the Field that things "ain't that bad". I'm watching HipHop go thru what Chuck Berry and them went thru. They got y'all so programmed that as long as you get some party favors,a pat on the back or pat on the head and some good crumbs, not the scraps that everybody else gets then you are happy as a pig in shit. You are too ignorant to see the emotions that their eyes give off as they pat you on your head tho'. That look is one of pleasure, but not for the reason you think. It's one of an owner who calls it's dogs name and sees the dog running like clockwork to it's master. "Fetch my slippers" which you gladly do, almost out of breath to get the slippers back and lay them just so at your masters feet. Not noticing when you are being used and that your actual prescence is not one which is pleasing to them. They deal with you out and about in open spaces, never at the home....They give you your dog house and are happy throwing you a bone (II). You are just so happy for that bone (II), It means so much to you and give you a sense of purpose.......Master loves me....hahahahah at least as long as you are useful, then you will be dismissed as quickly as the cold out of the side of their eyes..............Bask in your momentary love and realize the whole time you give away the essence little by little that it was dudes like me who tried to told you. When you arrive back in the field, sickened realizing that the love was fake and that you have served your purpose, I will still show you the same love and not turn my back or say "told you so".

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