Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fronting on the world when i start 4 wheelin'


Yeah, just sitting back peeping the game........The kid is feeling mighty healthy....enriched if you will. I'm good throwing that middle finger out there and letting these folks know that "I see em". I been feeling like that shift within self has been coming. Well it's almost here, like tomorrow. I've been back on my calistenics, back on my patience and discipline and just meditating taking in life. The energy around me has been really influx, but God been looking out with that extra galactic spiritual push. I got my team around me, the roof over my head and been basically making something out of nothing but these visions and ideas in my head. Yeah, I know that people fear the unknown and all that, but I have faith. I got a flight out to Portland next week to do a gig, then I'll be back plotting on my NY trip and my Cali trip. We all just have to hold our heads and keep that faith and realize that everything happens for a reason. Get your mind healthy, get your body healthy and it will effect your whole being.

Let these crabs stay in their barrels, but do what you can to help push them out of it. Take your time to breathe and be thankful for what you have. Realize your talent and your intelligence and count your blessings. FOR REAL, take like 5 minutes and count them shits. I got friends who didn't make it to see this. I got friends locked down who don't even know what the hell a blog is. We all wanna complain about shit. Trust me I feel you, as soon as I accomplish something I'm thinking about the next thing,,,,,,,,,,I gotta slow down, but that's something I'm working on now. Shout out to DJ Neil Armstrong, these mixtapes is holding me down something ferociously right now.That's my favorite dj for the moment. Also shout out big Lex Boogie who's Birthday is today and big Karniege for his belated. You can catch all of us putting it down at , yeah that's right Winner Circles folks, I'm over there too doing some heavy drops, that's the other blog home so if u don't catch me here or on twitter I'm over there cheffing up. The Wnner Circles is my personal, lemme holla at y'all joint, on some yeah come by the crib and let me fix you a drink. The Gritty Committee is me out with the homies just building at the clubhouse. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled as we further expand the brand. WE CONTINUE TO ELEVATE, make sure you doing the same so you can flow wit us.



Mikey McFly™ said...

Gotta keep on pushing

M said...

no doubt kid, positive energy activates constant elevation