Thursday, April 16, 2009

Locked and Loaded


Been a Super Positive week, y'all. I have been feeling a positive energy burst of late. I been putting that energy out there, connecting, building relationships and most importantly following up. Those things are starting to bare fruit. I have a pretty big meeting tomorrow, which would enable me to do bigger and better things as well as have more stability. I have a good friend of mine coming into town this weekend, my man C Rayz Walz and he just hit me on the horn talking about building on some good things. I got the camp hitting the streets dipping to a couple of events this weekend and I also have been feeling great due to my workout regiment I've been on daily. Been real sober and clear headed as well. Got another letter from Chop in the mail that has me beaming. Got all my little toys in check,all the likkle idevices, the car running great and I'm gonna throw some black rims on this bitch in a minute, after I get done with siding and painting the house LOL......prioritize. Also gonna work on more music, the creativity has been flowing because the stress hasn't been there. My prayers get answered so I'm definitely thankful. The Gritty Committee is coming up, the Secret Society is coming up,PEEP THE SHOW SAT if You're in PHILTHADELPHIA, YEAH!! I'm one of those peoples who is happy and excited when good shit happens to the other cats in my circle! Oh My Pops check up went well too, everything is negative. I'm just taking a sec to touch up the blog and mentally get ready for the next level, cuz like I said I been feeling it coming for a second now. Stay UP!!! FARWARD Neva Backward!! And ONLY KEEP WINNERS IN YOUR CIRCLE!!!!!!

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