Thursday, April 16, 2009


As a kid back in the 80's I used to run home from school to catch those GI JOE movies that used to come on every half hr at 430 pm. Those were my favorite shows back in the day and were extremely deep. I remember how uneasy I felt when Snake Eyes got caught in the arctic and trapped in a radiated room. He was basically fuxed, but he saved the team. I recall when they used to have the illest weapons,kung fu, fight scenes and crazy costumes. I don't know how old you guys are, but in the early to mid 80's all kids wanted to be 1 of two things. A Ninja or a wrestler. GI Joe was a mix of all of that, plus the toys and weapons that came with them were unmatched. You used to have full bases to build and a lot of different characters and weapons. I think playing with those damn action figures back then as a child helped formulate a lot of the creativity I still possess to this day. I remember taking characters and building my own worlds around them, go outside and make obstacle courses, set some on fire(which I almost got my ass kicked for) and just stay creative. GI Joe toys were aggressive, so was the cartoon, and I think about how the world was with the threats of war with Russia and Nukes and all that and I reflect back to how aggressive things were. The time we live in now isn't sweet, even tho a lot of these kids are growing up playing with Yu-Gi_OH and staying inside to play computer or video games and listening to MC Hot Pink. I just think about how I grew up, yes we had the arcades and Atari and Nintendo(later) but we also were outside playing basketball,stickball,wallball and fighting with each other. Rock wasn't Jonas Brothers either....I mean when Phil Collins and Boy George make these kids look like pussies we have a serious problem. I say all that to say this. I'm glad Adult Swim is bringing back GI Joe and I will mos def be tuning in. Plus I'm loving how they kept the original animation with a Manga twist.