Saturday, April 11, 2009


Home of NIKE and the Trailblazers, pretty chill place, very clean city...I mean not even a crumb on the ground. Very Earthy folk who blaze the highest of the highest grades and wax poetic. Everyone seems pretty educated too. Not just school smart but definitely know about foods and nature and they eat accordingly. No bodegas and the ones they have are health conscious. I had some fried chicken yesterday that had no grease, also had jalapeno and bison pizza with top quality mozzarella. The cheese had more protein than fat and the bison or buffalo meat has very little fat and is the most natural meat you can have and the jalapeno has the vitamin c and helps break down the meat quicker. They told me this as they was serving it. Copped some ill kicks and the ill Fidel Undefeated and got ALOT of love. The Roots was out here last night doin their thing as well. I didn't know this was a major hub like that.....I'll most def be back or should I say next time they send me a ticket I won't hesitate like I did initially.


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Dioracat said...

Damn look at you having a good ol' time out there in Portland! It's a nice city but damn depressing with all the rain, man.