Monday, January 5, 2009

reminisce over you

Damn went to go check my man Goldies blog JUNGLEJEM45 and realized that he had a picture of my late great homie Jax and Binkis Recs fam as his heading. I glimpsed and saw myself in the background wit my red fitted on from an appearance I made to spit a verse to the song we dedicated to my man DJ Ox who passed a few years ago. Looking at this flick took me back to that night and how much fun we had during that set. It also brought back the realization that the end of an era has come with Jax's untimely passing. Looking at this picture made me realize and feel thankful that I was a part of this movement here in ATL of trying to keep the raw essence of our culture alive. I also have to do my part to keep it maintaining. Even amongst the current trendy fake dudes who never lived it and the cats who had connections with some certain "circuits" and feel that they can do this too(well since they got the connections why not, it don't matter about skills).

Well this year. I got an agenda too and that's to shut that shit down and maintain the real blue label standard. That's word to Jax.



Goldi gold said...

Yea dud that was a good night right there. Just str8 luv amongst peers 4 real

Khanone said...

damn i miss those days! trend-rapsters will never know what its like to be a part of our culture they can only dress the part and blog about that shit. RIP Jax forever son!