Saturday, January 17, 2009

off center

PhotobucketSometimes I shock people with some of the things I like and appreciate. Anybody reading the blog knows I'm a HipHop generation dude with a varied and worldly taste for arts,music and womens. Last night I was listening to some old mixtapes and began to realize that although I have my biases like we all do, I generally give credit where it's due. I still look at things from a street cypher perspective. By that I mean that HipHop had a filter and it was the cypher. Like Krs 1 once said "you're not an mc until you first impress your own household with your skills, after you get respect in your own house, you then battle and cypher with the mc's on the street, once you get nice enough and get REAL respect from those cats, you next have to be able to rock the houseparty and after you pass that level, you're ready for the stage and nice enough to be considered a credible mc." Well those days are over. Now it's you become an mc based on the equipment you bu ie. studio,protools etc. You may get a deal before you even do 1 show or cypher ie. Asher Rothsisthes. I still can't give credit to mcs who have not paid dues. One mc I give more and more credit to(altho I always thought was aiight) is Fabolous. The kid i nice in a traditional mc sense. It just so happens that he can spit for the chicks and make catchy hit records too. He gets alot of hate from the backpack crowd( actually the wanna be backpack crowd) for that fact. You ain't supposed to spit about chicks and jewelry for them. These same cats also hated a similar mc named B.I.G(before he passed away anyways).

This post, I'm giving Fab some shine for being able to hold it down. This kid is a future king of the game and truly should set a standard for the new cornballs that are coming out based on strictly marketing rather than actually having that raw spit. Now if only he can match the intensity of his mixtapes with his albums.

Damn Thing

Gettin $ Freck the billionare ft. Fab


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