Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back In the Building


Indonesia was a blast. Straight up and down a blessing to behold and experience. Not only is it on thw whole other side of the planet, but it is a location off the beaten path of say a Jamaica or Bahamas, y'know a typical vacation. The experience was a little deeper than last years Thailand/Tokyo vacation just for the fact that for most of that trip I had a cold which turned out to be walking pneumonia(I didn't know any better) and the fact that I was on like 7 different planes,boats,trains,elephants and other forms of transport. This trip was alot more hiking and swimming. I have tons to build on and alotta pics. I'm about to step out to this joint at the 5 spot wit NYCE. DJ Red Alert spinning along with Don Cannon for the free custi appreciation in conjunction with Sk8tique and Vinnies Styles. So I'm gonna ketch up with him and get a few drinks, unless we sneak some 22's in brown paper bag style,which may be on the expect more pics tomoro. Also been alotta love left on the answering machine and texts on the berry. Appreciate the sentiments y'all and I'm taking it up a notch this year.

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