Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From the chamber

Random splashes of thoughts:

Figured out some shit with the science behind twitter......tightened up the circle and got rid of loose change

Facebook is awkward because you're talking to folks you haven't seen or heard from in like 20yrs.........but it's cool to see how people turned out. I always assume people are doing alright if they're on there. The peeps who aren't on there I worry about.

American Idol is the most predictable shit ever. Wifey has it on and I already picked this seasons winner.

Lex going to the Inauguration has me amped. It's like we got real representation up there live and direct.

Feeling strong and positive.....

Kool Keith Sex Styles album which I broadied from Tower is getting run right now. I always been a fan of Keith, but I didn't like this when it dropped. New Appreciation.

Notorious, dunno if I'm gonna go to the theater. The morning he died Akil called me stupid early and told me he was gone. We burned maaaad L's that day and went to the dollar theater to see the Larry Flynt movie. We were so choclated and skunked out and still in shock we really ain't even pay attention to the flick. This is notable because Akil hates the theater and never ever went. But we mourned in the theater.

I'm making stewed chicken or oxtails this weekend. I need that good heartfelt west indian grub.

I been moving and rotating my energy in a positive direction for a while. I'm feeling like something is coming.

Never play the fringe. If you a winner step in the circle. 1

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