Sunday, January 25, 2009

MY response when I read something froggish on the web


Alot of people acting real froggish on the web right now.Whether it be on the forums,messageboards,twitter,myspace,facebook,the blogs or what have you. I ain't no celeb,Alister,wannabe,actor,rapper,manager,teachers pet,garbageman,sanctified saint or your maid or barber( though I do a pretty good line and shape up). I sit back play the cut and observe. I've been noticing alot more lately that folks are feeling themselves behind the monitors of these here computers. No hostility in my direction, tho, I don't do e beef and never have. I will never even allow myself to literally even spend a second thinking about some assumed name on the web. It is a little amusing though when I see some folks take each other to war on the web. I sometimes wonder if it gives them some sort of real acknowledgement or sense of accomplishment that they think about offline? I also sometimes wonder what these folks look like and what they spend their offline time doing if they have this much time to waste chasing shadows. Thats why I'm making the grilchy face. It caught me this morning when I was reading some garbage that was presented as realness. No I'm not posting it because It's not worthy of shine,but nonetheless I was amused. I say if you froggish online, then get off the web and leap. Don't sit there with your underoos on and your blanket for a cape pretending you a superhero. Get out there and get it cracking.

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