Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ong Bak your top

As some of y'all know I did a stretch in Thailand a few years ago. Lovely trip but I got sick as a dog from overworking myself here to the point where when I finally got to Asia to chill, my system completely shut down. I ended up coming down with the flu all the way on the other side of the planet. It hindered the trip a little but gave my survival prowess a boost, knowing that I could survive under almost any condition anywhere in the world. That said I still had a great time and life changing experience. I found myself going to many an underground flea market in search of some good old authentic Thai shit. Having had Ong Bak a few years earlier I was in search of what other cool ass martial arts flicks they had. I ended up finding 1 called Dangerous Hero which is a totally outrageous film involving a lot of guns. I was happy with my purchase even though I should have also copped Shaolin vs Evil Dead but that's neither here nor there. Now I wake up this morning to be greeted with Ong Bak part 2. I ain't dropping links, but if you want to b pointed in the right direction holla at me.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


this shit loooks incredible

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Ghost

Styles P Speaks On Formation Of D-Block & More (14 Mins)

Easily one of my favorite Mcs'. EASILY. I always fucked wit S.P the Ghost the most out of the Lox back in the day, even tho everyone else always liked Kiss. It was something about his wordplay and voice that always had me. He reminded me of them classic street cypher cats who had THAT SHIT. The ability to come in the cypher and give you some simple yet complicated metaphors that you'd have to listen to every line to really peep. It just always had that raw feel. I mean he's held his own on tracks with BIG,Jay-Z,Nas,Ghostface,Beanie Siegel and countless others. Always repped streets 1st Industry second and has the ability to hop on r and b joints without them bein corny. Matter of fact he makes the r and b joints more accessible and grounded if anything. He is a cat who's work ethic is literally unmatched when it comes to putting out new shit for the streets. I always consider it a GREAT DAY when I get some new S.P to bump in the whip. This is the definition of grit your teeth and go hard in the gym music, that good old hop out the whip and backslap the first tender hearted cat you see and tell em to straighten up. The Ghost ladies and gents is definitely for you if you need that motivation to get EXTRA.

peep the new mixtape as well where he has bars aimed at the whole tight jeans movement these new cats is trying to get everybody on board with.............................If you rocking your jeans all tight like a female or listen to that tight jean colored music I recommend that you don't fuck wit artists like Styles P, DOOM or Ghostface cuz you may get your sensitive assed feelings hurt.

STYLES P Phantom Empire Mixtape

Thursday, March 26, 2009



find the flick and watch

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

La fleur La Fla Eshkoshka


peep the snakeskin on these jammies....I'll pull these out the box and stomp on your clodhopppers fam.

WHO Wan RAMP WIT IT!!!!!!!!!

My shit at the current moment

Yukimi Nagano jawns wit Koop got me in my zone 1 light 1 dark enjoy

sharing the wealth


This lil tidbit inspired me this morning. I haven't dropped something for those who want that Winning status in a minute. Stay positive and think like a Champion. We should all have dreams and goals and we should always push each other to get where we want to go. Secrets of the self employed and successful.

#1 –

We Only Have 2 Products: Time and Knowledge
No matter how you make a living or who you think you work for, you only work for one person, yourself. Likewise, you only have 2 products to sell, your time and your knowledge. Here are a few example scenarios:

Migrant Farmer – Sells hours of his/her life to pick fruit or vegetables for a farmer in exchange for money. A perfect example of trading hours for dollars.
Doctor – Sells hours of his/her life to perform medical treatments based on the knowledge stored in his/her brain. A perfect example of trading hours and knowledge for dollars.
Best-Selling Author – Spends time crafting a book based on his/her knowledge or intellectual capacity and then sells the book (knowledge) many times over. A perfect example of trading knowledge for dollars. The key benefit here is residual, passive income.
In almost all cases of the self-employed, the small business owner is taking information out of his or her brain and spending the necessary time to convert it into a product of value. This concept confuses some people, and to others it seems obvious. The bottom line is that customers pay you for your time and knowledge. Success is achieved by properly crafting the two into one convenient bundle that can be sold many times over (think of products vs. services).

What knowledge do you have in your brain that provides value to others? How can you extract this information and sell it?

#2 –

The Implementation of Knowledge is Power
Knowledge alone is not power! The implementation of knowledge is power. Knowledge is simply a commodity; it’s a product like any other that has the potential to be sold. How knowledge is organized, packaged, presented, shared, and received by others is what makes knowledge so powerful.

Knowledge is useless unless it’s effectively shared with others. Your ability to educate others in a way that allows them to effectively apply the instruction is what makes knowledge an asset… something worth buying.

#3 –

Time is More Valuable than Money
One of the most important points to understand is the fact that there are two basic forms of currency, money and time. Of the two, time is the most valuable, for it cannot be replenished. A surplus of time, and the unfettered liberty to do with it as you choose, is the true measure of success.

Your time must be extracted from the formula of making money. No matter how skilled you are at transferring your knowledge to others, if you are paid on an hours for dollars basis, your ability to expand your business will eventually plateau. You will run out of time.

The successfully self-employed have made this realization and concentrate the majority of their time and effort on the single greatest secret of self-employment: generating passive income. Passive income is achieved by applying what you know into a package that can be designed and built once, and then repeatedly sold over and over again. Finding a unique way to promote and sell this knowlege is the key.

Passive Income Examples: Useful books and guides, time saving computer applications, etc.

#4 –

Success is About Knowing What You Want
Self-employed success is not the byproduct of working your way up from the ground up. It’s based on knowing what you want, understanding your abilities and implementing them diligently to achieve your goals. There are plenty of people who get laid-off from their 9 to 5 day job and end up making millions in a few short years of self-employment.

Take a look at some of the success stories around you that emerged from nowhere. These success stories were not initiated by people paying their dues to someone else’s initiatives. These success stories revolve strictly around perception and choice. The people in these stories know their capabilities, what they’re doing, and what they want. Once people make this realization, and the conscious choice to act on it, the possibilities for success are limitless.

shouts to the bgol illuminati

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yes I'm still here

Been busy on twitter. Make sure y'all add me over there cuz I go in way more frequently wit 140 words. I can say tho that it has been turning myspacish, with me being propositioned and so forth, but I'm loving evry minute of it and I'm interacting with some good folks. I will be updating the blog later on in the week and may go in on a story or 2. BROADY show tomoro night sissssssies. THE SUMMER IS OURS.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Japan Spidey

Yeah the Japanese got flavor, peep how they mix wit P. Parker

also peep the Marvel Home site for more

SB ZOOM Paul Rodriguez


playing the fall in these jawns right here.......................................................it's nothing. I stay radioactive......

ps walking aroung last weekend getting hated on for the infrareds, some of these cats don't know how I do, so hate is the first emotion when they've seen me like 7 times in the past 2-3 months with kicks on that splash radioactivity their way and contaminate they gear.

Friday, March 13, 2009

most disturbing films of all time

Ran into a couple of lists of disturbing films....I either own or have seen most of em. I'm wondering how the hell a lot of movies were left out. If interested peep thru some.





Giving y'all alotta food today.

Peep this


Entertainment Value WAVE

I fux wit Biggavellll! Let me start off the post by saying I definitely listen to Max B. This cat has been on my radar since 2004. His voice was a lot more gruff and he was a lot more lyrical(less singing) but he still continues to be huge in the streets. I'm guessing it's that gruffness that keeps people listening. I don't mess with everything Max does, but I definitely feel like HipHop needs a character like this just as it needs a fitty cent.Here is Max, who is facing 25 yrs to life for a murder charge he caught in 2006, approaching the court house and it seems that his lawyer has secured his freedom until the trial. PEEP


As y'all may know, my brother sent me a wii which is currently still in the same spot in the box on a corner of my guest room. I have wii sports which it comes with, but don't have any other games, though we'll probly get the wii fit and a mario bros game. That said I ran across this game which I DEFINITELY want to have to help me get back into gaming. Oh and your boy may be playing soccer aka football again after all these years. The Africans and the Mexicans get it in out here and I sort of miss having an organized activity. I could always hoop at the park with the fellas which I grew up doing. I always was very athletic. I played soccer for yrs, I played intramural basketball, I played highschool football, I wrestled, played baseball and softball and even roller bladed and skated. I made my own go carts with friends when we were kids and would have races....I've always been into being active, well at least up until my JR year of highschool when I was grinding differently and in a whole other zone preferring to get twisted and gamble the days away. I'm missing that activity now and will rectify it soon. That said I peeped a game that may officially make me break the wii out of the box.

Dig it

Thursday, March 12, 2009



Ran across this article at Men's Health breaking down the heathiest greasepot fast food.......It's good for you read up.
Check out those restaurants that scored a B+ or higher:

Between the breakfast and lunch menus, there are only two entrées at Chick-Fil-A that break 500 calories, a rare feat in the fast-food world. What this means is that you can't possibly do too much harm—especially if you stick to the chicken. And unlike the typical fast-food chain, Chick-Fil-A offers a list of sides that goes beyond breaded and fried potatoes and onions. (Just beware the large cole slaw, which adds an extra 600 calories to your daily intake!) That's why we dub the Atlanta-based chicken shack one of our all-time favorite fast-food restaurants.

Also, be sure to check out our exclusive list of the best and worst restaurants for kids to find out why Chick-fil-A receives an even higher grade when it comes to kids’ meals.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: The worst thing you can do is supplement your meal with a milkshake—not a single cup has fewer than 600 calories. And instead of nuggets or strips, look to the Chargrilled Chicken Sandwiches, which average only 320 calories apiece.

A menu based on lean protein and vegetables is always going to score well in our book. With more than half a dozen sandwiches under 300 calories, plus a slew of soups and healthy sides to boot, Subway can satisfy even the pickiest eater without breaking the caloric bank. But, despite what Jared may want you to believe, Subway is not nutritionally infallible: Those rosy calorie counts posted on the menu boards include neither cheese nor mayo (add 160 calories per 6-inch sub), and some of the toasted subs, like the Meatball Marinara, contain hefty doses of calories, saturated fat, and sodium.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: Cornell researchers have discovered a “health halo” at Subway, which refers to the tendency to reward yourself or your kid with chips, cookies, and large soft drinks because the entrée is healthy. Avoid the halo, and all will be well.

Along those same lines, try to avoid anything from this indispensable list of the 14 worst “healthy” foods in America, too. They'll trip you up--and easily expand your waistline.

Jamba Juice
Jamba offers a viable and tasty solution to the dearth of fresh fruits and vegetables in the American diet: Stick it all in a blender and let us slurp it up. But make this your rule: If it includes syrup or added sugar, it ceases to be a smoothie. Jamba Juice makes plenty of real-deal smoothies, but their menu is sullied with more than a few faux-fruit blends. Just make sure you choose the right one.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: For a perfectly guilt-free treat, opt for a Jamba Light or All Fruit Smoothie in a 16-ounce cup.

And unless you're looking to put on weight for your new acting career, don't touch the Peanut Butter Moo'd. On this shocking list of the 20 Unhealthiest Drinks in America, it sits worryingly close to the top. (You’ll be amazed by what’s number one!)

Au Bon Pain
Sure the menu has its pitfalls, but what menu doesn't? The bottom line is that Au Bon Pain combines an extensive inventory of healthy items with an unrivaled standard of nutritional transparency. Each store has an on-site nutritional kiosk to help customers find a meal to meet their expectations, and the variety of ordering options provides dozens of paths to a sensible meal.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: Most of the café sandwiches are in the 650-calorie range, so make a lean meal instead by combining a hot soup with one of the many low-calorie options on the Portions menu. And if you must indulge, eschew the baked goods in favor of a cup of fruit and yogurt, or serving of chocolate-covered almonds.

Boston Market
With more than a dozen healthy vegetable sides and lean meats like turkey and roast sirloin on the menu, the low-cal, high-nutrient possibilities at Boston Market are endless. But with nearly a dozen calorie-packed sides and fatty meats like dark meat chicken and meat loaf, it’s almost as easy to construct a lousy meal.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: There are three simple steps to nutritional salvation: 1) Start with turkey, sirloin, or rotisserie chicken. 2) Add two noncreamy, nonstarchy vegetable sides. 3) Ignore all special items, such as pot pie and nearly all of the sandwiches.

Cici’s Pizza Buffet
Cici's began in Texas in 1985 and now boasts more than 600 locations, proving definitively that Americans love a good buffet. The good news for our waistlines is that the crust is moderately sized, and the pizza comes in varieties beyond simple sausage and pepperoni. But if you check your willpower at the door, you're probably better off skipping the pizza buffet entirely.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: It takes 20 minutes for your brain to tell your body it's full, so start with a salad and then proceed slowly to the pizza. Limit yourself to the healthier slices like the Zesty Vegetable, Alfredo, and the Olé, which is a Mexican-inspired pie with only 108 calories per slice.

The world-famous burger baron has come a long way since the days of Fast Food Nation—at least nutritionally speaking. The trans fats are mostly gone, the number of gut-wrecking calorie bombs are now fewer than ever, and the menu holds plenty of healthy options such as salads and yogurt parfaits. Don't cut loose at the counter just yet, though. Too many of the breakfast and lunch sandwiches still top the 500-calorie mark, and the dessert menu is fodder for some major belly-building.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: The Egg McMuffin remains one of the best ways to start your day in the fast-food world—feel free to use it as a replacement option for any of these eight worst fast food breakfasts in America!

As for the later hours, you can splurge on a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder, but only if you skip the fries and soda, which add an average of 590 calories onto any meal.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell combines two things with bad nutritional reputations: Mexican food and fast food. The result should be horrendous, yet somehow it works out so that a little prudence at the ordering window can bag you a meal with fewer than 500 calories. The potential for belly-building is still there, but the calorie bombs are generally easy to spot. And to limit the chances of a mistake, Taco Bell reengineered some of its classic items and listed them under the Fresco Menu for a savings of up to 10 grams of fat per item.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: Grilled Stuft Burritos, anything served in a bowl, and anything prepared with multiple "layers" are your worst options. Instead, order any combination of two of the following: crunchy tacos, bean burritos, or anything on the Fresco menu.

Scoring a decent meal at Wendy's is just about as easy as scoring a bad one, and that's a big compliment for a burger joint. Options such as chili and baked potatoes offer the side-order variety that's missing from less-evolved fast-food chains like Dairy Queen and Carl's Jr. Plus they offer a handful of Jr. Burgers that don't stray far over 300 calories. And for our money, the ¼-lb single is one of the best substantial burgers in the industry. Where they err is in their recently expanded line of desserts and a lackluster selection of beverages. But you're happy just drinking water, right?

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: The grilled chicken sandwiches and wraps don't have more than 320 calories, which is less than even a small order of French fries. Choose the chicken or a small burger and pair it with a healthy side, and then hit the door before you receive the 500-calorie penalty for giving in to your Frosty hankering.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another day 4 Colorful Thoughts

Checked my email and see my brother KENES aka Akil Nuru is back at it again. These cats are in N.Philly but they about to go ALL CITY. I mean they got the secret hidden underground graphiti parties popping, they got them wall to wall burners, he's got his jackets, sneaks and tags up purses for the ladies. PLUS I'm trying to keep him in the booth spitting that fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire. This is one of my oldest and dearest compadres and one of the most talented peoples I know. Str8 family. I just wanted to splash the page and share some of his art. He's working on a master plan up there in Philly which I'm behind 100% and should hopefully b up there soon to participate. Y'all don't wanna see me start tagging shit up again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

knowledge reigns supreme 1


went to KRS show last night and it was packed. Females in high heels to straight grimey kids.....ALL HipHop fans.....This is like I said my100th time seeing the god do his thing. Always a huge influence on me and everyone who considers themselves children of this culture. If a movie needs to be made on anyone it should be this "living" legend. KRS influences me to throw all trash rappers off the stage and then educate them on why they were thrown.



Some of y'all may know how amped I get when the topic goes to Thor. Easily 1 of my top 3 all time characters in comic books.....it's something about drinking ale,battling Gods,having the finest most tender young damsels and letting that Hammer go. As you may or may not know, the technology has finally caught up with the characters, enabling Hollywood to do more justice to these comic book movies. As anyone can see, they've been quite froggish because they see the returns.

Now the THOR movie is coming soon, you'll probably see the god a lot over round these here parts.

Something I dug from Digg yesterday.
Where am I? HOME COMMENTBlogsBlockbuster Buzz

March 05, 2009

Thor will be mighty, says Marvel's Joe Quesada

Owen Vaughan speaks to comic book supremo on Marvel's next superhero blockbuster

"There's so much cool stuff in the mythology of Thor that it's just going to be a huge blockbuster," Joe Quesada told Blockbuster Buzz in a recent interview. "Kenneth Branagh gets the Marvel history of the character, he gets the overall flavour and tone of the Marvel universe. He gets that it's not just about action and adventure and costumes, it's about what's at the heart of the character. It's more about what motivates Thor and Loki and Odin than just Thor swinging a hammer and smashing things."

The Mighty Thor has been a mainstay of the Marvel universe for almost 50 years - he first appeared in August 1962 in issue 83 of Journey into Mystery - but he has never had the same following or exposure as Spider-man or the Fantastic Four. Stan Lee came up with the idea of a superhero version of the Norse god of thunder while wrestling with problem of how to create a character that was stronger than the Hulk. He decided the only solution was to make his new hero a god, so went delving into Norse mythology for a suitable candidate. He then commissioned the artist Jack Kirby, with whom he had created much of the Marvel universe, to bring the hero and his hammer to life.

Kirby gave Thor a winged helmet, flowing blonde locks, a red cape and a blue tunic attached to which were six white discs and that distinctive look has pretty much survived over the decades. In addition to his pop art garb Thor was given a human alter ego. In the comic, Thor's father, Odin, teaches Thor a lesson in humility by wiping Thor's memory and spiriting him into the body of a partially disabled medical student, Donald Blake. Thor eventually discovers who he really is, learns to change back and forth into his superpowered self and embarks on a career of hero. It is this version of Thor that Branagh is attempting, although there is no word yet on who he has cast as Thor/Donald Blake.

Quesada is hoping that Branagh will transform and reinvigorate Thor much the same way Jon Favreau did with another much neglected Marvel hero: "Before the Iron Man movie Iron Man was an also ran character. In the mass market it was all about Spider-man, Hulk, Batman and Superman but now you count Iron Man as major mainstream character." He already has Babylon Five writer J. Michael Straczynski, who was recently nominated for a Bafta for his screenplay for Clint Eastwood's film Changeling, laying the groundwork in the comic. Check out issue 600 in the comic stores - it will knock your socks off.

If the film is successful, Thor is expected to appear alongside his buddies Iron Man, the Hulk and Captain America in an Avengers movie.
Quesada also mentioned Branagh's Shakesperean background as being a big bonus, although I suspect he doesn't want Thor to utter: "To clobber or not to clobber" anywhere in the film.

Thor is scheduled for release in summer 2010. The full interview with Joe Quesada will appear in Blockbuster Buzz next week

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Steppin to the A.M with this 1. Beautiful spring day out here and peeps are just radiating. KRS 1 tonite and I'm stomping thru. Actually had the chance to freestyle on the radio and do a show with him a couple yrs. ago. What can I say it's the TEACHA!!!! Other than that just mobbing my usual way. Shout out to ALLLLLL the bloggers who showed love on that Guilty Party too. It's been alotttta love. Preciate that f'real, but even more just glad y'all felt it. Other than that just casting, waiting to get a call from the Rasta so I can go to the show the right way......oh also caught this over my man KHAN ONE blog, very very dope and artistic cat, actually put in some legendary work on the graph and design tip. This has me elevated.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Yeah I'm here

Been zoning in and out wit life lately...Telling y'all now the warm weather turns me into a Roe-Beast.....I'm hardly ever in the crib.....hardly. I don't run the streets like I used to but it's still gonna be catch me when you can....As all of you who have read this blog for any length of time, knows, I'm an East Coast dude with universal views,but I'm TROPICAL....Catch me in your nearest ocean or right there with a grill smoldering.....also shouts to my g from the WaveFoundation for the love and sending me the link to MadMen!!! Twitter folks, if you miss me here, I'm LiveBlogging, Not PTwittyBlogging, no offense I already figured out that Popeyes got better Chicken and biscuits than KFC,thanks Diddy......I'm here enjoying life, doing me, staying positive and feeling blessed........Toast Up Y'all. Take that second to tilt your head back, look up at the sun and give thanks for something. Even when I was broke as fuck, driving a broken down MPV and really in a dark rut, scraping change together with the couple dollar bills I had, I still managed to look thru that cracked sunroof and give thanks, cuz it could always be worse.

Couple other off the top shots to Mickey McFly because I see you harnessing your potential. Dioracat and Dex Von D for the positive energy they sent me today, and everyone who's been supporting the point I'm trying to get across with GUILTY, it's more than just me, it's y'all putting the energy behind it. That's POWER!!!!!!! Also Lex Beeezley for this "The Drum" beat, I'm inspired for this new Broady project............and the SUMMER.

much love famleeee

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My contribution to Crispus Attucks week

Dallas Penn and COMBAT JACK have ben going in on their Crispus Attucks week blog dedications, make sure y'all hop over there and check those sites, some good classic writing going on. I've had some Crispus experiences too dealing with cats that were so froggishly trying to impress the Otherman, that they didn't realize that they were viewed as the entertainment rather than viewed as a peer. I found this this morning and had to throw my 2 cents in.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


If in NY, check out the homies at SSUR. They got the B.I.G tees popping off heavy, they stay wit the flavor hats and tees.

I needs 1 in my mailbox ASAP!!!!!!!

Behind the Screams 3

Warrior Nun Areala
Let's see........where to get started...........ahhhh another installation of the Behind the screams series. This episode with THAT VIXEN coming thru splashing the blog with her XXX insights into the industry.......Not much else to say but peep it, also make sure you peep her blog and twitter where she goes in on a daily basis.

Sorry I had midterms last week and shit at my new job is jumping off so it's been a little hectic.

glad you could be back with us, let's go IN

How rampant in the industry is it for bi or gay males to be doing these hetero movies?

Well the problem with that question is, what do you consider gay? Like there are a couple of dudes like Talon and Christian that did gay porn in the beginning of their careers. Then there are a lot of "straight" porn guys who have either done tranny scenes or else actually like trannies off camera. And I don't mean post-op trannies, either. I mean chicks with actual dicks. Funny thing is, according to industry buyers, tranny porn is actually for straight men. I don't exactly know how that works, because a boob job with a dick is still a guy to me, but that's the demographic.

Whats the most extreme thing you've heard of happening to someone
during a scene? Like Ava Devine's prolapse.
Oh, jesus. There's so much crazy shit that happens on set. Part of the problem with the "I heard this happened" is that it's just like telephone. I hate to repeat shit that's not true. I'll tell you the most hilarious thing that happened on set when I was there, though. We were shooting this squirting scene, and right when the girl was supposed to "squirt" she pushed a little too hard and her sponge shot out and bounced off the lens of the camera into the director's face. (By the way, almost all girls still do shoots when they're on the rag. They just stick either a sea sponge or a makeup sponge up there to absorb the blood. Yummy.)

What other crazy personal experiences have you had with pornstars? I
know you mentioned Gianna before, any others?
Hmm, crazy personal experiences...not too many, mostly because I feel the need to separate work and pleasure. The pornstars are people I work with, so I didn't really fuck with them. Plus I hate that whole "Oh, if you sleep with me, I'll give you work" thing. Directors do it, or imply it, and to me that's just shady. One experience that was great was we were with Kami Andrews on a set one time and we dared her to piss in a public space. She totally did in a big supermarket parking lot. She took off her pants, and just lifted her leg up, and pissed right there. It was hilarious. Later that day she flashed some day workers, and then took her top off and posed for a picture with them. That was great. I will say one thing that never actually happened that I wished would happen is that Gianna, Roxy Deville and I had planned to go to this sauna/day spa spot in LA. The plans fell through but it would have been damn nice to be with them two, naked, all day long.

Being that you work or worked in the industry were you able to still
watch features casually? I know when I worked at a strip club doing video sales, I couldn't go to a strip club and really was desensitized to porn,did you experience that?
Well, the funny thing is, it really depends. Like there got to be a time when being on set would pretty much bore me, but then there were also scenes where both people were REALLY feeling each other and it was like, wow...inspiring. I guess for me it's all about chemistry. If I see people really into each other in a scene, it's great no matter what.

What about prostitutuion in the biz. Alot of performers are escorts on
the side too right?
Hell yes, they do. I'd say about 90% of the girls you've seen are making frequent trips to NY. That's where they all get it in. When you look on agency websites, a lot of the pornstars are even doing "bachelor parties" now too. You know what that means.

Diseases. Clear something up for me, people say that everyone in the industry has at least something like herpes. Is this just a rumor? Also what are some other outrageous rumors you've heard?
Oh man. You name a rumor, and I've probably heard it. No doubt about that. I don't like discussing the industry too much with people who don't watch or appreciate porn because they'll ask me dumb shit like "is it true all the girls are raped and pissed on their first scene?" and that pisses me off. I don't know whether or not everyone in the business has herpes. I mean, technically, we ALL have herpes. As far as full blown herpes, "they need Valtrex stat" kind of herpes, well that's one thing that's not tested for, so I wouldn't really know. I'll tell you this though, from studies I've read, a good portion of the sex having population has herpes or HPV. I don't remember the stats of herpes offhand but I think I read that 8/10 people having sex have HPV.

Any performers you've heard about who most people complain about working with?
Everyone complains about the Vivid contract girls. For the most part, most of them ARE a hassle. A lot of girls get contracts and suddenly think they're the shit and they're better than everyone else is. Even employees at Vivid joke about it. It's a little crazy. I'm a little out of the loop on production so I'm not really sure these days who's a pain in the ass and who isn't.


always like the drawings and the toys

Monday, March 2, 2009

The G.O.P Mc

A kid on twitter put me up on this Right Wing Mc Hi Caliber earlier today. With the current climate that is HipHop he has a great chance t appear on Carson Daily's show and be taken as a serious contender to save HipHop. That said, enjoy my good peeeps.

GUILTY PARTY free download


A labor of hate. Yeah instead of just feeling some kind of way about the extra soft music being played and pushed, we here at the circles and the grittycommittee, shouts to Lex Boogie!!!!!!!! decided to go in. Just basic, beats,rhymes and grilch. It's a free project, a painting we did to give the people who awanted that ruff texture. That basement smell. Take it or leave it folks but end of the day it just feels good to give. Shouts out to BACKWOODZ STUDIOZ for the support and extra push................Perfect for your wintertime listening pleasure.

And No I DO know that I don't drop much of my own shit on the blog, but this is strictly for the love, coming from a kid who grew up in them cyphers.



Come and Get it!!!!!



Sometimes I wake up and reflect on the true essence of freedom, which for me would be leaving my crackberry at home and logging off of this thing for a while. Just being alone with my own thoughts and ideas and focusing on further progression. I'm feeling pretty good, right now even tho' I have this immense feeling of my soul being tugged to cross over another threshold. I am where I'm supposed to be word to Combat Jack . I have been developing some new ideas while waiting for some old ones to come to fruition. Instead of just saying "hey I wanna start a business" , I have three clear ideas that I will be making tangible business plans in the very near future. I have more direction with the certification I'm seeking, on my go back for some higher learnings and I have a new routine for daily searchings for betterment. I think a lot of my problem is that I don't settle. I accomplish something and instead of sitting around reveling in the success, my mind is already focused on the next thing. Sometimes I feel bad just sitting back and relaxing because I feel like I'm wasting time that could be spent creating something else. I know, it's crazy, but it keeps my creative juices flowing. Even this blog, I feel is an accomplishment because of the fact that I'm only a few months in and have already garnered respect from my blog peers and people I have a huge amount of respect for in this blogging world. I was your regular average blog reader for the last 2 or 3 years and was comfortable just being that until I read something on a blog that made me say "I can do this and I need to do this as an outlet". I needed a place where I could collect my thoughts and even give folks a peek thru my eye slits. See now even just typing this little bit out has me feeling free and ready to continue with the rest of the week. I could pay a psychiatrist an obscene amount of money to sit on the couch or I could just spend some quiet time with self and blog it.

Also currently watching - Alfred Hitchcock's "Foreign Correspondent" and zoning out