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Behind the Screams 3

Warrior Nun Areala
Let's see........where to get started...........ahhhh another installation of the Behind the screams series. This episode with THAT VIXEN coming thru splashing the blog with her XXX insights into the industry.......Not much else to say but peep it, also make sure you peep her blog and twitter where she goes in on a daily basis.

Sorry I had midterms last week and shit at my new job is jumping off so it's been a little hectic.

glad you could be back with us, let's go IN

How rampant in the industry is it for bi or gay males to be doing these hetero movies?

Well the problem with that question is, what do you consider gay? Like there are a couple of dudes like Talon and Christian that did gay porn in the beginning of their careers. Then there are a lot of "straight" porn guys who have either done tranny scenes or else actually like trannies off camera. And I don't mean post-op trannies, either. I mean chicks with actual dicks. Funny thing is, according to industry buyers, tranny porn is actually for straight men. I don't exactly know how that works, because a boob job with a dick is still a guy to me, but that's the demographic.

Whats the most extreme thing you've heard of happening to someone
during a scene? Like Ava Devine's prolapse.
Oh, jesus. There's so much crazy shit that happens on set. Part of the problem with the "I heard this happened" is that it's just like telephone. I hate to repeat shit that's not true. I'll tell you the most hilarious thing that happened on set when I was there, though. We were shooting this squirting scene, and right when the girl was supposed to "squirt" she pushed a little too hard and her sponge shot out and bounced off the lens of the camera into the director's face. (By the way, almost all girls still do shoots when they're on the rag. They just stick either a sea sponge or a makeup sponge up there to absorb the blood. Yummy.)

What other crazy personal experiences have you had with pornstars? I
know you mentioned Gianna before, any others?
Hmm, crazy personal experiences...not too many, mostly because I feel the need to separate work and pleasure. The pornstars are people I work with, so I didn't really fuck with them. Plus I hate that whole "Oh, if you sleep with me, I'll give you work" thing. Directors do it, or imply it, and to me that's just shady. One experience that was great was we were with Kami Andrews on a set one time and we dared her to piss in a public space. She totally did in a big supermarket parking lot. She took off her pants, and just lifted her leg up, and pissed right there. It was hilarious. Later that day she flashed some day workers, and then took her top off and posed for a picture with them. That was great. I will say one thing that never actually happened that I wished would happen is that Gianna, Roxy Deville and I had planned to go to this sauna/day spa spot in LA. The plans fell through but it would have been damn nice to be with them two, naked, all day long.

Being that you work or worked in the industry were you able to still
watch features casually? I know when I worked at a strip club doing video sales, I couldn't go to a strip club and really was desensitized to porn,did you experience that?
Well, the funny thing is, it really depends. Like there got to be a time when being on set would pretty much bore me, but then there were also scenes where both people were REALLY feeling each other and it was like, wow...inspiring. I guess for me it's all about chemistry. If I see people really into each other in a scene, it's great no matter what.

What about prostitutuion in the biz. Alot of performers are escorts on
the side too right?
Hell yes, they do. I'd say about 90% of the girls you've seen are making frequent trips to NY. That's where they all get it in. When you look on agency websites, a lot of the pornstars are even doing "bachelor parties" now too. You know what that means.

Diseases. Clear something up for me, people say that everyone in the industry has at least something like herpes. Is this just a rumor? Also what are some other outrageous rumors you've heard?
Oh man. You name a rumor, and I've probably heard it. No doubt about that. I don't like discussing the industry too much with people who don't watch or appreciate porn because they'll ask me dumb shit like "is it true all the girls are raped and pissed on their first scene?" and that pisses me off. I don't know whether or not everyone in the business has herpes. I mean, technically, we ALL have herpes. As far as full blown herpes, "they need Valtrex stat" kind of herpes, well that's one thing that's not tested for, so I wouldn't really know. I'll tell you this though, from studies I've read, a good portion of the sex having population has herpes or HPV. I don't remember the stats of herpes offhand but I think I read that 8/10 people having sex have HPV.

Any performers you've heard about who most people complain about working with?
Everyone complains about the Vivid contract girls. For the most part, most of them ARE a hassle. A lot of girls get contracts and suddenly think they're the shit and they're better than everyone else is. Even employees at Vivid joke about it. It's a little crazy. I'm a little out of the loop on production so I'm not really sure these days who's a pain in the ass and who isn't.

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