Monday, March 2, 2009

GUILTY PARTY free download


A labor of hate. Yeah instead of just feeling some kind of way about the extra soft music being played and pushed, we here at the circles and the grittycommittee, shouts to Lex Boogie!!!!!!!! decided to go in. Just basic, beats,rhymes and grilch. It's a free project, a painting we did to give the people who awanted that ruff texture. That basement smell. Take it or leave it folks but end of the day it just feels good to give. Shouts out to BACKWOODZ STUDIOZ for the support and extra push................Perfect for your wintertime listening pleasure.

And No I DO know that I don't drop much of my own shit on the blog, but this is strictly for the love, coming from a kid who grew up in them cyphers.



Come and Get it!!!!!

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